7 Top Food Pairings With Pink Moscato Wines

Not only is pink Moscato wine pretty to look at but is also delicious. A bit on the sweeter side, this wine is made from Muscat grapes. You must keep in mind the taste of this wine when you pair it with food. Tastes that will compliment each other works the best.

In this case, since the wine is sweet, savory, or even spicy, the food will taste the best. Plus, it is also lightweight and bubbly. This is why it can be easily paired with strong or fresh flavors. Pink Moscato is manufactured by many brands like Sutter Home Pink Moscato. So, you can easily get yourself a bottle.

The sweet rose and lemon-like aroma of this wine are one of its best attributes. How to enjoy this wine the best? Take a look at these amazing food pairings that work well with Pink Moscato wine.

1.    Fresh Fruit Salad

A fresh fruit salad paired with a glass of pink Moscato wine makes for the perfect summer refreshment. The light and sparkly wine perfectly complement the burst of rich flavors that usually accompanies summer fruits. You can use fruits like watermelons, mangoes, lemons, grapefruits, and passionfruit to make this salad. Among berries, strawberries and blueberries add a nice touch to the salad.

Most of these fruits have zesty flavors. It makes for the perfect brunch salad to go with your glass of Sutter Home Pink Moscato. You can also use this salad with more spicy lunches to add a fresh twist to your menu.

2.    Walnut and Goat Cheese Salad

Another salad on our list that goes perfectly with pink Moscato wine-walnut and goat cheese salad. This combination will let you explore a range of textures as well as flavors. The soft goat cheese with its sharp flavor is well-suited to the sweet wine. The salad is quite light, and you can use it to grab a pre-meal bite or a light meal at picnics.

Fresh and light salads like these are always suitable for any occasion. Chase the flavor of the rough and salty walnuts with the sweetness of the wine. Since it is light and sparkly, you will not feel too full. It is especially good if you plan on doing any activities after your meal because doing them on a heavy stomach can be uncomfortable.

3.    King Crab Dishes

Crab and King Crab dishes are some of the most flavourful preparations. The sweet and aromatic flavors of pink Moscato wine cut through the rich flavors of the crab to offer a perfect balance. You can even cook the crabs with a drizzle of the wine to enhance the flavors.

These dishes are made for lunches. A glass of this wine with a delicious crab platter will make your guests as well your family, have a good time. However, keep a lookout for seafood allergies. It is very common.

4.    Seafood Sauté

Spicy sauces and blends are a good match for pink Moscato wine. Since the wine itself is quite sweet, you might want something spicy and rich to pair with it. Seafood sautés can be your solution to this. You can either use a variety of seafood like calamari, prawns and more or use only a single type.

Make the sauce with a blend of spices of your choice. You can also use the wine for cooking your choice of seafood and enhancing its flavor. The wine is bubbly and light, which will help you soothe your palette after a spicy serving. Be mindful of your spice tolerance and seafood allergies while you prepare the dish.

5.    Lemon Chicken

Are you looking for dishes to go with your night sip? Cook up some lemon chicken. Get the rich flavor of the protein, the zesty and savory lemon taste, along with a glass of sweet pink Moscato wine, and you are in for a treat. Not only will it make for great solo nights but also get-togethers with friends and family.

You can cook the chicken in the wine to help soften it up and for rich flavors. The lemon makes the dish fresh and savory, which perfectly compliments the sweetness of the wine. You can chase the freshness with a sip of the wine and let the flavors blend away in your mouth.

6.    Thai Curries

Thai curries are always packed with flavors, and you can be assured of getting the most scrumptious meals with them. Now imagine them being paired with the sweet pink wine from Sutter Home pink Moscato. You are right-that will definitely be a flavorsome meal.

There are various types of Thai curries you can choose from. Depending on the spiciness and flavors, you can make your choice. Usually, the richer the taste, the better it will go with the wine since it is sweet. You can have this for lunch or even as dinner.

7.    Spicy Pizzas with Pepper and Chilli Flakes

Contrary to popular belief, pizza goes quite well with wine. In the case of pink Moscato wine, you would want to pick some spicy pizza. Even if you want a mild one, sprinkle some chili and/or pepper flakes to pack a punch. Chase these flavors with the sweet wine, and you will get a meal full of flavors.

The texture of the pizza, with its bread and toppings paired with the smooth and fizzy wine, makes for a flavorsome meal. Get a glass of Sutter Home pink Moscato and your favorite pizza, and get ready for a warm and flavorsome night-in.


Like this, there are many other dishes you can pair with your pink Moscato wine. The key flavors to be mindful of? Spicy and savory. You can also have desserts with this sweet wine if you want to finish your meal on a very sweet note.

Complimentary flavors and textures always make for a great meal. Enjoy your drink and choose your favorite pairings from the ones mentioned above and enjoy the most of your experience.

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