A Simple And Thorough Introduction To Chateau Wine

Chateau Wine has become popular among wine lovers because of its tempting aroma and bewitching bottle. The brand has become one of the leading producers in the fascinating range of wines in the market.

With producing over eight million cases each year, the company has stirred the market with its accolade. Chateau Wine has been the brainchild of pioneers in winemaking – Bob Bertheau, Ernst Loosen, and David Rosenthal.

They are the people behind the lavish production of Château Wines like Chateau Ste Michelle Chardonnay, Château Montelena Chardonnay, and many more. Thus, if any day you get to drink these chilled Riesling wines, remember to drink to the name of these great winemakers.

Chateau Ste Michelle 2017 Dry Riesling Columbia Valley

This Riesling wine by Chateau Ste Michelle has showcased extraordinary quality in terms of taste, aroma, and value. This 2017 vintage Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling offers an irresistible floral fragrance with peachy relishing flavor.

It comes along with a mix of white and yellow stone fruit that gives the wine a citrus rich flavor. A snap of lemon acidity along with orchard essence right after the first sip is indeed to die for. This Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling is bottled with a 12 percent concentration of alcohol. All the wine lovers know only this Dry Riesling will be able to satiate their thirst for a good quality Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling wine.

2017 Chateau St. Michelle Rose

With this Michelle Rose Chateau Wine, the company has shaken the competitors in offering an exceptional flavored wine. In one long, crisp gulp, the perfume of light red fruit along with zingy acidity comes rushing in.

It makes an outstanding choice when styled with Kushi oysters for a guest night. Pour a glass of this chilled Michelle Rose for a beautiful evening, and it instantly makes you want for more.

Chateau St. Michelle 2016 Eroica Riesling Columbia Valley

When it comes to Eroica Riesling Wine, then you’d know this wine is Dr. Loosen and David Rosenthal’s best. Coming from the vineyards of Washington State, it is made of handpicked select fruit harvested in the Ancient Lakes Ava.

Eroica Riesling is one of the finest quality wines with a smooth texture and alluring bouquet. The highly seductive fragrance with a pinch of lime acidity leaves a lingering taste on the palate.

Just a sip of these wines and you could feel the intoxication of yellow peach-minty fragrance flaring your nostrils. This drink offers a perfect balance between grape’s sweetness and lime acidity. The 12 percent alcohol concentration is enough for a robust exotic drink.

2015 Chateau Ste. Michelle Canoe Ridge Estate Chardonnay

This Chateau Ste Michelle Chardonnay on its first toast exhibits hints of roasted macadamia nut with butterscotch and toasty brioche aroma.This wine produced in Canoe Ridge Estate has rightly appealed to the global audience with its enchanting mid-palate.

This hot yet citrus-flavored vintage white Chateau Ste Michelle Chardonnay wine reveals its beautiful creamy texture. The combination of tree berry flavors and citrus fruits finds the right expression in every wine lover’s heart.

Chateau St. Michelle 2014 Ice Wine Riesling Horse Heaven Hills

This Chateau Wine is produced in the Horse Heaven Hills in November. It is the best in the range of authentic ice wine. After the grapes are left for three weeks to ferment, the yellow-gold color shows well with strong stimulating flavors. The juicy palate with intense aroma has garnered a considerable following for this Ice Wine Riesling.

This 2014 unique hand-bottled Ice Wine includes 9 percent of alcohol by volume for a sober drink. Over 59 years of Chateau Wine production, the company has mastered the market with such a vibrant yet powerful taste.

Chateau St. Michelle 2010 Eroica Riesling Columbia Valley

Produced in the year 2010, this exotic Riesling was made available to people in 2018. The deep layer of stone fruit balanced with a rich palate is impressive and tempting in the level of acidity. Without a doubt, this wine is an exceptional offering in terms of palate and bouquet at any time.

Chateau St. Michelle 2008 Eroica Single Berry Select Riesling Horse Heaven

This Eroica Single Berry wine is harvested in early November and is manufactured in Horse Heaven. It is kept straight for fermentation for about 3-6 months for 7 percent alcohol extraction. At last, this Chateau Wine is left on the full lees before bottling them for around one year.

These wines’ cloying is balanced with the tangy orange marmalade mixture that lingers on the palate for a long time. The defined caramelized nut taste with a pinch of Pedro Ximenez sherry is somewhat syrupy. However, it makes way to American desserts because of the high sugar residual found in the wine.

2017 Chateau St. Michelle “Midsummer’s White” White Wine

This Chateau Wine offers a complex and enticing blend of a variety of flavors. The beautiful ginger aroma with a mix up of gooseberry and white grapefruit offers the best palate. You will be drenched in the tempting beautiful melange blended with green apple and pink grapefruits.

With the first sip of its minerality, you wouldn’t wish to let it escape for a pleasurable night. So, make sure to finish this Chateau Wine a little early for a unique offering.

Château Montelena Chardonnay

This Chateau Montelena Chardonnay comes in a similar vibrant yet intense yellow-gold color. This vintage wine produced in Napa Valley of California is another among Chateau’s range of white wines.

The citrus-like smell of green apple pie leaves a very refreshing taste just after the first sip.  This Chateau Montelena Chardonnay tastes like a green apple in combination with kiwi fruit for selective authentic drinkers. The fine and smooth, creamy texture of this Chardonnay relishes the taste buds into its refreshing finish.

Chateau St. Michelle 2016 XLC Eroica Riesling

When it comes to this inaugural Chateau wine, Eroica Riesling enjoys well-earned fame and applause from wine lovers. This Chateau Wine comes from the Evergreen Vineyard that produces the best quality Riesling.

This wine exhibits subtle minerality and enticing white flowers along with the 12 months ferment citrus flavor. These wines grow in their flavor and aroma when kept for long on the shelves for an enjoyable moment.

2014 Chateau St. Michelle “Cold Creek Vineyard” Cabernet Sauvignon

This one is quite different from the wine ranges by Chateau St. Michelle. Produced in the best known and reputed Cold Creek Vineyard, this Cabernet Sauvignon is highly demanded.

The aromatic display of cigar ash and blackberry cobbler with a mix of Hoisin sauce leaves wine lovers awash in the first sip. It comes with good color density to earn a remarkable place in the range of vintage wines. This Chateau Wine offers a powerful palate with a blend of tart and mocha flavors.

The Bottom Line

Chateau Ste Michelle has enjoyed a long run in Riesling and other wines produced by the company. Each of the diverse collections exhibits a unique feature and a palate for all. The expressive display of these Chateau Wines has been attractive and satisfying to every wine lover. Just pick the one that satisfies your taste buds for an evening full of liveliness and enjoyment.

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