Why Shop For Decoy Wine?

Decoy Wine carries a well-earned reputation of years in delivering high-quality wines at a remarkable price. It carries a loyal following among wine lovers because of its distinctive texture and fresh aroma. These wine bottles with expressive charm and complexity have garnered demand among youths.

Over a quarter-century, the Decoy Wine has enjoyed an inaugural place in the vintage collection of the wines of Duckhorn Portfolio. This winery has evolved in years from a single wine to a fully established brand of Decoy Wine like Decoy Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and many more.

They exhibit various characteristics that make these wines attractive to their lover. From their artful blending to lingering taste, these wines surely make an exceptional choice. Let’s discuss a few features to reason out for you to buy these wines.


When talking about Decoy Wine like Decoy Cabernet Sauvignon it is hard not to mention the diverse taste offered by the range of wines.

·         The flavor of citrus with a mix of tanginess in the Decoy Sauvignon is definitely a die for the palate. One could sense its rich flavor in just one sip and devour the rest of the wine with heavenly pleasure.

·         The Decoy Chardonnay offers its drinkers everything most Californian want. The freshly made toast, nutmeg, baked apples, and cream dominate the palate. It surely is lush in taste but not overpowering.

·         When it comes to Decoy Cabernet wines, their rocky flavor makes it stand apart from other ranges of wines. The raspberries and blackberries taste comes along the way to give these wines an earthy touch.

·         The non-jammy characteristic of Decoy Red Blend wines has a mixture of 49 percent Decoy Cabernet Sauvignon offering cloying red berries taste. They are exactly what any wine lover would wish to cherish on their lips.

·         Just like a cinnamon toast jammed with raspberry jelly, the Decoy Zinfandel offers a refreshing acidity snapped-in mouth. They are somewhat dry but make a great combination with pizza.

·         The Decoy Merlot wines offer a pleasurable taste with a fruity and chocolaty combination of taste buds. This one is a great choice for coffee lovers as the lingering coffee smell fills your nostrils with its aroma.

·         The perky tang and summer ripened raspberries levels up the taste meter of Decoy Pinot Noir, making it fondly demanded.


These vintage wines with a Sonoma County brand come in an enticing bouquet to the layers of pure fruit specially hand-picked. When savored taste over lips, it has an astonishing citrus-tangy style that comes along.

·         The Decoy Rose Wine is widely popular for its distinctive California origin that offers the ripeness offered by the country style. However, it is hard to notice that the grapes are picked in Southern France style as the ripeness dominates.

·         However, the Decoy Cabernet Sauvignon offers a more rocky flavor, which is not found in other wines by Decoy. Each of the Decoy Wines is differently styled to suit every country’s flavor.

Food Combination

Wine enthusiasts often love to style this Decoy Wine with a variety of foods depending upon their palate.

·         For instance, Decoy Sauvignon is best served on guest nights with main course fish dishes. It will relish your mouth with its combination.

·         It can also be sipped along with spicy food because of the citrus sweetness offered by Decoy Chardonnay. Especially, Indian food curries or Asian food is a great combination of pairing with these Chardonnay wines.

·         Similarly, the Decoy Zinfandel Wine will ace the palate when drank with a freshly served hot pizza. Surely, the premium quality Decoy Wine offers a pleasurable taste for most of the people looking in a California Merlot.


If you would have ever tasted the Decoy Cabernet range of wines, then your nostrils must be still be flaring with its fresh aroma.

·         The fruity smell pops up as you take a sip of their Sauvignon Blane collection of wine. This one is hugely preferred by drinkers wanting something fruity in taste. One would never be disappointed by the fresh aroma of this high-quality Decoy Wine.

·         The beautiful rose aroma of Decoy Rose entices folks who love the soothing aroma of flowers. Surely, the addition of this fragrant wine will not stay untouched in your collection.

·         When it comes to the Decoy Pinot Noir collection, the people craving for that summer feeling will surely rejoice. This one tastes amazing as well as comes with an amazing bouquet.

·         The coffee-like smell of Decoy Merlot with generous cherry fruit taste has not only charmed wine lovers with its taste but an equally amazing fragrance. This exotic wine just like Decoy Cabernet is pleasant for morning drinkers as well.

·         The Decoy Red Blend enjoys high demand among berry lovers because of its fresh red berries smell. In addition, the French toast aroma is attractive and winning for a light drink over the weekend.

Remarkable Price

When you’re buying one of the Decoy Wine for a guest night or date night, their premium quality brings apprehension of its high price. However, on the contrary, the Decoy Wine comes at a remarkably affordable price for all wine lovers.

The price of these wines comes as a shock to most wine lovers yet alluring because of its premium quality. The charming and California-rich Decoy Cabernet can be bought at the best deal of under $20 dollars. This makes this range of Decoy Cabernet Sauvignon wines easily affordable among all drinkers.


Wine drinking has become a tradition in American countries on various occasions and events. Decoy Wine is one of the beautifully hand-picked bottles that most households demand. Their distinctive features, remarkable price and not to mention the alluring taste and aroma, surely attract drinkers.

Also, these ready-upon-release wines are satisfying when you wish to chill alone at home with Netflix. Thus, just style these wines with your food, and you will never forget its taste of the Decoy Wine. We hope now you got all your reasons to bring these beautiful bottles home and enjoy everything about the Decoy Wine.

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