In-depth understanding of late harvest riesling

The late harvest riesling is made from the grapes that have already peaked their ripeness time. Basically, the ones left on the vine become sweeter with time because their sugar content gets more concentrated and is thus used to make wine. Also, they are high in alcohol concentration as compared to the standard wines, which make them more preferable.

Sometimes, a certain set of grapes is selected over others for late harvest riesling because they are of extraordinarily high quality. This way, we can say that it is much more demanded as an exceptionally sweet dessert.


Under the late harvest wines, late harvest riesling is widely preferred for its production. It is one of the types of grape that is used for wine production due to high acidity content. Even though grapes tend to lose acidity while hanging, riesling is a popular choice because of this reason.

Countries like New Zealand, Germany, or Washington with quick-dropping temperatures offer the finest late harvest riesling. Not the mention, the exceptional aroma mixed with the tingling smell of acidity gives it a fine smell.

Taste Palate

This riesling wine possesses a very fresh aroma of jasmine and lemon in combination with the enticing smell of ginger, apricot, and honey. The tasting notes are heightened by the sweetness of the wine because of the longer-than-usual ripeness of grapes. Also, the high acidity dominates the palate, which is similar to that of lemonade. 

Food Pairing

The late harvest Riesling pairing can vary from spicy food to desserts. With desserts like a lemon mud cake, the wine will heighten your palate. As a companion to spicy food, especially against Asian or Indian spices, the taste of your wine will be the best.

Countries Where Riesling Can Be Found

The late harvest riesling can be found in countries where the temperature drops off quickly. They are perfect for Riesling grapes as each grape dehydrates, retaining high sugar concentration.

·         In Germany, Riesling comes under various varieties like Spätlese. Also, Beerenauslese is for wines with more sugar content. So if you want something more on the sweet palate, this can be preferred, and it is usually sold only in half bottles.

·         In France, it comes under the label of “vendange tardive” in Alsace. However, it is hard to find in the commercial market as it is very rare. However, if you get a sip of it, it will be worth it.

·         In the US, the late harvest riesling is found both in Washington state and New York. The reason is that both countries have an ideal fall temperature for the Riesling grape ripening. They are quite available in the country New York so you can have a sip of its fine taste.  

Summing Up

Riesling wine has formed a strong sweet palate among wine lovers due to its lingering aroma and tingling taste. Today, it is one of the highly collectible wines in the range of white wines. It has sweetly captured the heart of top connoisseurs all over the world.

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