Best High End Wine Clubs

Wine clubs give consumers a chance to try different types of wine every day of the year. The best high end wine clubs send current releases and selections to members. They will often have incentives that subscribers will receive, which are not offered to non-club members. Currently, wine clubs have become more creative in attempting to reach a broader market. Many wine clubs give interesting and exquisite experiences with their award-winning wines sourced from around the globe.

Six best high end wine clubs

Best High End Wine Clubs

Vine Box – Wine Tasting

Vine box is an exceptional best high end wine clubs since it gives nine single pour tastings every four months for an affordable rate of $72-$79 depending on whether you purchased a yearly subscription or a quarterly subscription. The wines are presented in a small package of 187 mL with single-serving screw cap tubes. You will get a choice of nine carefully curated high-quality wines from all over the globe. As an example, you will get a box containing French single varietal wines with each created in very different styles.

These boxes are a great way to have a taste of different styles of wine. It is essentially a tasting flight in a box to help you level up your understanding of varietals and types of wine. It also helps you gain an understanding of how place and terroir influence the wine. For people looking for added knowledge on the different types of wine and get a sampling of the world’s top wines joining this best high end wine clubs is an affordable way to get the best.

Gold Medal Wine Club

This best high end wine clubs have been in business since the 90s, and during that era, it has earned a good reputation. The consumer advocates committee has given it a 4.6 rating. Forbes also recommends its $75 a month international wine club. This best high end wine clubs targets top-rated and award-winning wines curated by experts.

There are several options for membership:

The gold wine club best high end wine clubs begin at $40 per shipment and include two top-rated California wines, which has a rating of 85 to 89 points.

The platinum club will ship two or three top-rated premium California wines, which has received 90+ ratings from expert panels for $96-$108 per shipping.

International wine club option costs between $75 and $85 per shipping, and they will give you three bottles of ultra-premium wines from around the globe.

The Gargiste wine club targets independent artisan winemakers who make small batches. These wineries are typically located in Washington, Oregon, and California. The cost of membership is $69-$85 per two bottles of shipment.

Pinot Noir wine club is exclusively focused on California Pinots, and membership costs $76-$89 for a two-bottle shipment.

Diamond wine club is the most expensive at $175-$205 per two-bottle shipment. However, you get the incentive of an ultra-premium collector’s wines, which received a rating of 93 points and higher from expert panels.

International Wine of the Month Club

Best High End Wine Clubs

This best high end wine clubs have been shipping top-quality and highly rated wines to consumers since 1994. They have a rating of 4.5 from the Consumers Advocate for their high-quality selection of wines.

Consumers will have four options for membership:

Premier series will cost you around $40 per month, which includes shipping and handling. It includes two bottles of estate-bottled limited edition wines. Members have the option to choose reds, whites, or one of each.

The Bold red’s club begins at about $52 per two bottles, excluding the $13 shipping. You will get a shipment of bold red wines, which include Malbec, Cabernet, and many more.

Collectors series wine club is where you will find the most top-rated award-winning whites. It will cost you $73 per month, which includes shipping, and you will receive an aged limited-edition estate bottle that is highly acclaimed. The wines are sourced from international and domestic boutique wineries, and you can choose between two reds or two whites or one of each.

Master series wine club members also get the incentive of receiving a Premier series bottle and collector’s series bottle with each shipment. The cost is $55, which includes shipping.


If you are looking for top-quality wines chosen by experts, then this best high end wine clubs are a great option. However, you will have to pay a premium for the expertise and wine selection. Experts recommend this best high end wine clubs as something worth exploring. Membership is $199 per month, which includes shipping for two of their selections. You will get six bottles of top-quality wines from around the globe each month. Professionals carefully select the wines. The choices come from the daily picks of the site. Each day you can log on to their website and take a look at their chosen wine. You can read the tasting notes and discover why they have voted for it. This club allows you to order a single bottle or a whole crate.

You have three choices for monthly wine club shipment:

Blind six has shipments of six numbered bottles wrapped in black tissue each month. This membership is designed for people aiming to become sommeliers to test their knowledge of classical wines by tasting it. However, you don’t need to be a student or sommelier to enjoy this great way of tasting wines. Passionate enthusiasts can also enjoy blind tasting to test their wine knowledge.

This best high end wine clubs also ships six bottles from their curated daily selection. The wines included will be reds, whites, and sparkling wines or rose wines from around the globe. It is all curated by their team of wine professionals.

If you want a lower price option, the Drink Like a Somm club has a membership of $99 per month, which includes the $15 shipping fee. Included are four bottles picked based on a theme. For example, one month may be wines sourced from a specific region.


If you prefer bubbly wines, then you will adore Fat cork. This best high end wine clubs have a created monthly champagne subscription that features Champagnes from France. Fat cork best high end wine clubs are based in Seattle and specialize in vignerons champagnes. This is small batch champagne created by grape growers in France’s Champagne region. Since the grower creates them,the champagne selections are often distinctly different and unique giving it a sense of origin and terroir which can’t be found in commercial brands. The champagne are unique and curated artisanal selections.

There are three levels in the fat cork club:

Membership for the classic club is $199 per quarterly shipment plus shipping, and it gets you three bottles.

The fancy club is $249 per quarterly shipment, which offers free shipping, and it gets you four bottles. You also get top selections from top vineyards in France.

Membership for the Extra Fancy Club is $349 per quarterly shipments, which gives you the incentive of free shipping, and you get six bottles.

Cellars Wine Club

This best high end wine clubs are proving to be unique compared to other wine clubs that provide a wine subscription for everyone. You have the option to select plans based on the type of wine you enjoy the most and your budget. You can also get options for the frequency of delivery and the number of bottles in each shipping.

The club also guarantees a no bad bottle, and they will replace any wine with no questions asked. Another great feature of this best high end wine clubs is the absence of monthly minimums which makes it more affordable for enthusiasts who want to try out a club but cannot manage a long-term commitment. Wines are selected from local, national, and international vineyards by wine professionals, and each shipping comes with a newsletter that has information on the wines in the package.

There are 12 different clubs available, and you can join with the lowest being the single bottle subscription at $29 per shipping:

The priciest is the 90 points subscription, which requires you to shell out $369 per shipment. This club will get you 12 wines with a ranking of 90 points or higher.

You can also go for the Natural Wines Club that features wines made from organic methods for $69 per shipping. You can also offer the Import Case club for $219 per shipping, which gives you a selection of 12 international wines.

The cost of shipping is included in all club subscription membership.

Where Connoisseurs Shop for Wine Online– best high end wine clubs


You may not be enthused about a wine subscription where all of the wines are preselected for you. There is still a big wide world of wine for you that is limitless and goes beyond your local wine shop. The following are some of the places where you can find the best wines online.

A Winery Barrel Room

You can purchase wine from your favorite wineries online and have them deliver it right at your doorstep in most states. There are some reminders you should know about buying wine directly from wineries:

Wineries will often reserve their most exquisite and interesting wines for exclusive members. When it comes to a winery club, you are essentially giving your commitment to receiving shipments at intervals of 2 to 4 times a year. Since you are a loyal customer, they will give you access to their special or limited bottles of library wines and older vintages. They will also offer you their future bottles before they are formally released.

However, the most sought-after wineries often don’t have a wine club membership, instead, they have allocation lists. You will need to get on their list and wait for their email. When your allocations come, you can buy the wines, usually at a discounted price. A majority of winery lists are overallocated and have waitlists sometimes spanning years. This is where industry insiders come in as they’re often the people on the list bidding for these wines for their wine subscriptions.

Wine stores online– best high end wine clubs

This is the digital era, so you don’t have to go to a brick mortar anymore. In case you live outside a major city, this means you only have access to wines that are only available winery direct and those in major markets. Having the option of shopping online for your wine is especially important if you are targeting limited access crème de la crème. The following is a recommendation on where to get valuable selections of wine of online.


Their Bordeaux inventory includes top vintages. The Burgundy inventor has selections of the best vintages. The California inventory will include 100-point wines and other cult classics. If you are looking for a premier wine or a legendary winery, this shop will probably have it for sale.


This shop has a great selection of ultra-premium Burgundy champagne. They are available in magnum and other large-format bottles, which are ideal for collecting and long-term aging. They also offer a nice half-bottle selection, which is ideal for experimenting with new high-end wines without committing to a full bottle.

The Bounty Hunter

This shop has a selection of wines that span a variety of price points. It has 200 bottles, which are over $60 from around the globe, which include large-format Napa cult winery choices.

K&L Wines

This store has an immense mind-boggling inventory of over 10,000 varieties of wines. More than half are over $60 a bottle. This shop guarantees that they have what you are looking for from Champagnes to Napa to Piedmont.

This wine seller has a reputation for being the Amazon of wine. Since they are compared to Amazon, they will have products at every price point. Currently, they have 95 different 100 points Bordeaux as well as 56 pieces of 96 point Burgundy. They don’t collect a lot of aged wine, but they do offer 340 magnums and large-format bottles. They will also have 220 half bottles.

Wine Library

This site is best known for its affordable daily drinkers. But if you check out their fine and rare section, you’ll find more than 200 selections from Italian wines to Champagne stunners.

Final thoughts

If you want to expand your knowledge of wine, it is crucial to invest in the best high end wine clubs. These memberships give you endless options and introduce you to new flavors and tastes. You are ensured that you are getting a premium product since these clubs are backed by expert sommeliers and years of experience.

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