Best Red Wine for Non-Wine Drinkers – Here Are the Top 3!

Are you a non-wine drinker and want to take a sip but you are in doubt which red wine suits you? Basically, as an amateur wine drinker, it is advisable to begin drinking lighter wines for you to be able to embrace the flavor profile of red wines. To help you decide on what wine to drink, we have here the best red wine for non-wine drinkers that you must consider. The wines we have here will help you understand the different wine features that affect its flavor and aroma.

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Reasons Why People Don’t Like Wine

There are some people who do not drink wine. Well, it is no surprise as not everyone likes this alcoholic drink. Actually, some wine lovers started to hate the taste of the drink. In case you are given a glass of wine and recoiled at its taste, do not worry as you are not the only one.

But, that does not mean that you are a non-wine person anymore or you must give yourself an ultimatum in drinking the grape juice extract again. Moreover, even those non-wine drinkers who had a bad experience with wine can come back to embrace the drink. Generally, the wine industry is so big that it takes the most passionate wine lovers for many years to learn more about their vintages. 

But there are still lots of people that do not like to drink wine. And here are some of the few reasons why they don’t:


Most people actually do not drink wine because they do not have enough information about it. Nowadays, walking and dancing with a glass of wine is one of the rabidly cool happenings within the clubs of the United States. They wouldn’t be able to know this if they do not really follow the latest fashion trends. Moreover, part of being sophisticated is having stains of wine on clothes and going to bed with its aroma.


Generally, there are some places that actually look expensive and have certain snobbery. For example, within the cities, open and accessible places are widely open where average price tapas are paired with wine. Aside from that, you can also see various places that attract you to get in without leaving you an empty wallet in the city.

Since wine drinking is almost observed in highly civilized areas, wine basically connects to particular luxury and groups of people. With this, most people living in the areas far from the city lights do not have the access to drink wine.


Most of the time, we basically relate a low-quality wine to a low priced one. But, this seems to be a myth. Individuals working in the wine industry might conclude that making good wines entails bottling them in a more economic process. This way, winemakers generally offer great-tasting wines at affordable prices. 


During the time of our eldest when we were young, the oldest family members always have wine on the table and drink it especially at dinner time. For them, wine is basically a food that should be part of every meal. But, as time goes by, it seems that the “French paradox” has suddenly gone within the majority of the household.


Actually, every individual experiences an evolution of things that they like. Maybe at some point, they do not really like wine. But, there may come a time that they may become interested in it and drink them after all.

Ways to Drink Wine Even If You Don’t Like It

Sometimes, you might get into a situation where you are offered wine even if you don’t like it. Yet you need to act as you do. In case this might happen again, you must have to be ready and know the ways of dealing with it.


Basically, if you don’t like wine and you need to drink it, the best solution would be experimenting. Initially, you need to identify first what you really like or what your palate can tolerate tasting. This is because it triggers the development of your taste over wines. Even if you don’t really like it at first, you will then realize the type of wine that is generally tolerable compared to others. 

Consider trying various wines at home and taste them all. But, make sure that they come from different kinds as well such as red wine, white, and sparkling. Doing so will basically help you in learning the wines far better. 

Moreover, try to hold the wines inside your mouth for a long period of time. Allow the taste of the wine to sink in your taste buds. In case the taste doesn’t change at all, it’s time to swallow it. Afterwards, ask yourself if you like the taste and if you would drink it once again.

Rinse your mouth and repeat drinking another wine. Literally speaking, you must have to wash your mouth in order for the taste not to linger inside the mouth for a long time. Moreover, if you do not do this, it may ruin the taste of the other wines. Just make sure that after your wine tasting experimentation you already know the bitter-tasting wine from the sweet ones.

Drink with sweet fruit

One of the best ideas while drinking wine is to pop some cherries or strawberries into the wine glass. The main goal of this act is to reduce the bitter aftertaste of the wine. Moreover, it can also be helpful in saving your taste buds from some awful wine undertones. Always be ready with a piece of fruit beside you while you drink.

However, in case you opt for incorporating these fruits directly into the wine glass, it is generally better to pick Sangria. Its taste is generally a little bit lighter and the wine glass might not appear weird once filled with strawberries. Aside from that, it might be a big help as you won’t have to drink much wine because having fruits in the glass might necessitate you to have less wine. 

Combine it with cheese

For cheese lovers out there, this is a perfect way to drink wine even if you are a non-wine drinker. Basically, select a piece of cheese in which the taste is somehow potent as it has the ability to suppress the wine flavor. Generally, this helps in handling the bitter undertones and aftertaste easier.

Bleu d’Auvergne, Roquefort, Stilton, White Cheddar, and those that come from sheep’s milk are the most common types of cheese that are best to pair with wines to get rid of their taste. Just take a bite of it in the mouth and allow the flavor to overflow inside your mouth. Afterwards, take a sip of wine and you will notice that it feels like drinking a glass of water. 

This is actually perfect especially for those who have really no tolerance for alcoholic drinks. Moreover, you can also get over those drinks as well.

Proper pairing

Generally, wine pairing is a big help in making the wine reach its potential and enhancing or damaging the taste. Knowing this, you might want to consider trying particular dishes that may let you enjoy the drink and won’t leave you feeling left out of the party. Again, do an experiment at home. Carefully read the labels of three different wines into your table and look for the recommended pairings.

Best red wine for non-wine drinkers

You can also search the internet for this wine pairing recommendation. Once you already have it on hand, it’s time to prepare those dishes. Regardless if it is poultry, fish or dessert, prepare it and try to pair it with your wine. Surprisingly, basic wine pairing can turn people from not drinking it to loving it.

Add some ice

The melted ice over a glass of wine makes the drink become much lighter to taste. Moreover, the extra water which comes from the melted ice can help to prevent the overwhelming tastes. Ideally, this is perfect for those having issues with strong flavors.


Adding carbonation generally won’t do the trick if the drink is already carbonated. But for still wines, using it correctly can still do the wonder. Just make sure you have a wine spritzer. Generally, one way of getting rid of bitter aftertastes of wines is through fizziness. It can also make the wine taste a little bit sour-sweet compared to its original taste.

Moreover, carbonated wines are perfect matches for those cocktails and fizzy drinks lovers. Drinking this type of wine can basically adjust the taste while keeping something similar that you are already aware of.

Types of Red Wine Best for Non-Wine Drinkers

The flavor notes and the specific types of red wine make some people enjoy it. That’s why, if you are a non-wine drinker, red wines would be the best one to swirl your glass and sip in. Basically, here is the list of the different types of red wine that is best for non-wine drinkers. These wines have a fruity and sweet taste which means that you could not taste any offensive notes in it.  

Check the list of the following types of best red wines for non-wine drinkers.

Cabernet Sauvignon

If you are new to the wine industry or you do not actually drink wine and want to try some, Cabernet Sauvignon is the best red wine and traditional choice. It is usually dark in color but the taste is good due to touches of cherries and vanilla. Mixing it with Merlot can give you a great-tasting Bordeaux blend. Due to this, Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the best red wine for non-wine drinkers.


Most non-wine drinkers would truly love the taste of Lambrusco as it is somewhat sparkly and semi-sweet. However, the type of grape will change depending on the region and that’s why the taste may vary. This is also the best red wine for non-wine drinkers because it is perfect for pairing with any meal.


Like the Lambrusco, the flavor of Malbec also varies from one country to another. The Argentinian Malbec has blackberry, black cherry, and plum flavor while the Malbec found in France has a taste of black plum, tart currant, and savory bitterness. The flavor of Malbec also has a taste of coffee, chocolate or tobacco which might be enjoyed by non-wine drinkers.


One of the best red wines for non-wine drinkers is the Barbera that contains a dark color but has a light taste. However, the taste can be rich and dominant or it can be a little bit soft depending on the winemaking process. It also blends well with any food type making Barbera a flexible choice.


If you are looking for something sweet and easy to drink, the Merlot is the perfect one for you. Basically, this is one of the traditional options making the best red wine for non-wine drinkers. 


This type of red wine has different varieties which use Gamay grapes or raspberries and cherries. Due to this, Beaujolais has a very sweet taste.


The Zinfandel wine has a very fruity flavor with a light taste-making easy to drink by non-wine drinkers out there.

Pinot Noir

When we speak of wine, Pinot Noir is a popular name within the industry. It is made within the Burgundy region of France in which this wine is also known as Red Burgundy.

Petite Sirah

Best red wine for non-wine drinkers

What makes Petite Sirah the best red wine for non-wine drinkers is its flexible flavor. It has a taste of blueberry infused with vanilla and nutmeg. Moreover, it also has a variant with prominent flavors including blackberry, vanilla, and chocolate.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Red Wine for Non-Wine Drinkers

If you are a non-wine drinker, choosing for the best red wine would be very tricky as there are lots of great-tasting flavors to taste with. However, before swirling and sipping in, here are some things that you might consider and keep in mind.


Winemaking and the method of storage for aging the wine have something to do with the wine profile. Moreover, the grapes in making the wine play an important role in terms of the taste, body, and aroma of the wine. Based on its kind, wine entails a variety of flavors. Red wine, in particular, tastes like berries, cherries, dark fruits, leather, and tobacco.


Most non-wine drinkers immediately get discouraged once they taste the dry varieties of wine since they are fond of something that is a little bit sweeter. So, if you want the best red wine for non-wine drinkers, look for something that is not so dry. Just a little bit of information, wine’s sweetness is directly related to the harvesting time of the grapes, grape types, and the alcohol content.


Since you are just a novice in the world of the winery, this feature must be skipped. Yet, as a non-wine drinker, choosing the best red wine entails selecting of the subtle aromas.


The body of the wine is generally referred to for its viscosity. It defines the heaviness or the lightness of the wine. Basically, non-wine drinkers who want to take a sip prefer something that is not too heavy when it touches the palate.


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Syrah or Shira is a red wine which offers the darkest color within the market. It contains a high amount of tannins and gives a full-bodied feeling onto the mouth. The flavors ranging from berries, tobacco, pepper, and smoked meat are great to pair with foods.

  • Ease of use
  • Giftable
  • Value for money
  • Flavor


  • Contains high amounts of antioxidants

  • Offers a deep and complex flavor


  • Some novice wine drinkers find it heavy on the mouth


Master Vintrey Winemaker Pinot Noir

Best red wine for non-wine drinkers

If you want to taste the world’s best wine coming from the quality winemaking process, Master Vintrey Winemaker Pinot Noir can pour on the finest wines directly to your glass. This Pinot Noir is held under sunlight together with water inside great vineyards with good soils. With this, you’ll have to taste and share the best tasting wine with your family and friends that are also a non-wine drinker. Moreover, Master Vintrey Winemaker Pinot Noir elicits the luscious aromas of the ripe red fruits together with spiced chocolate.


Generally, Pinot Noir seems to offer a complex blend of taste that is similar to that of jammy fruit, mocha, strawberry, and vanilla. It can perfectly pair with pasta dishes with tomato and pizza. Drinking this Master Vintrey Winemaker Pinot Noir allows you to experience a rich, fruity wine flavor that excellently matches with food.

Craft a Brew Cabernet Sauvignon

Best red wine for non-wine drinkers

You can generally experience a home brewing of the great-tasting Cabernet into your home when you have this Craft a Brew Cabernet Sauvignon. This red wine is perfect for all wine enthusiasts who crave for good glass and also the best red wine for non-wine drinkers. Basically, the source of grapes of the Craft a Brew Cabernet Sauvignon comes from a noble California red grape. Due to this, the wine creates a deep, full-bodied drink with intense flavor and aroma.

Moreover, the Craft a Brew Cabernet Sauvignon contains a recipe that involves premium yeast, additives, and fruit juices. Generally, these high-quality ingredients come from the world’s most reliable vineyards. This basically gives you enjoyment and satisfaction of drinking palatable wine in the comfort of your home.

Aside from that, Craft a Brew Cabernet Sauvignon is packed in the USA ensuring that you will get the most flavorful ingredients of wine brewing. In addition to that, the products are generally made from recycled materials.


The Craft a Brew Cabernet Sauvignon creates a flavor and aroma that is generally powerful and intense giving off a great-tasting wine. It contains high-quality ingredients making this the best red wine for non-wine drinkers.

Frequently Asked Questions


A: Generally, there is a wide variety of red wine that involves different body, aroma, flavor, and texture. Some red wines may also come in dry feel into the mouth. However, there are also a number of red wines that give a smooth wine experience. Below are some of the recommended smooth red wines:

  • II Duca Cardinal Sweet Red
  • Apothic Red
  • Barrelhouse Bourbon Red Wine
  • Iter Cabernet Napa
  • Ropiteau Pinot Noir
  • TULI Pinot Noir Sonoma County


A: Aside from having a smooth texture, some variants of red wine have a sweet taste. Moreover, a combination of these two features offers a great-tasting red wine. Here is the list of the Smooth Sweet Red Wine:

  • II Duca Cardinal Sweet Red
  • Barefoot Cellars Sweet Red Blend
  • Liberty Creek Sweet Red
  • Liquid Popsicle Sweet Red Blend
  • Low Hanging Fruit Sweet Red Wine
  • Sunstruck Sweet Red Wine
  • Witching Hour Sweet Red Blend California


A: Both the Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon are popular and traditional types of red wine. However, in terms of comparing the two and knowing which one is better, here is a quick glance. 

Generally, Cabernet Sauvignon is widely available everywhere and almost everyone loves it. Moreover, the Cabs are a very intense and bold type of wine giving a punch of flavor in every sip. Meanwhile, the Pinot Noir grows in such a number of regions. This is an elegant and thin wine and it actually needs a special taster to appreciate the fine texture of it. 


A: Now, other things for comparison in terms of which wine comes better are the Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Cabernet Sauvignon has a rich and robust flavor, unlike the Merlot that is a little bit delicate. Between the two, Merlot offers a slightly fruitier flavor. However, both wines are dry yet Merlot is more balanced in terms of a slightly sweeter flavor which makes it easy to drink. 


A: Basically, red wine has some beneficial effects on one’s health. Red wine may reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Yet, 1 to 2 glasses of red wine are allowed to drink each day. 

Final Thoughts

The best red wine for non-wine drinkers generally has a light texture and sweet, rich fruity taste. Basically, the red wine entails various types which also have their unique flavors that allow non-wine drinkers to embrace this alcoholic drink. Moreover, buying this drink needs to consider some important wine features like the taste, sweetness, aroma, body, and other features that come with it.

Aside from that, in terms of red wine, selecting the high-quality one is the ideal choice of investment that can run over a long period of time along with the aging of this drink. Instead of buying an affordable wine, it is actually better to stake your money on red wine that maintains its intense aroma and flavor for more years. So, let’s cheer on that!

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