Best Wine Key For Bartenders

For many people, uncorking a bottle of wine should be a straightforward and no hassle task. But many enthusiasts have applied creativity and complexity to the best wine key for bartenders. There are mind-boggling choices of odd-looking gadgets that target the enthusiastic and perfectionist wine lover when you look on the market. With these best wine key for bartenders, you will have plenty of exquisite ways of getting that highly prized liquid out of the bottle.

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What to look for– best wine key for bartenders

Best Wine Key For Bartenders

There are several choices on the market, however, there are some things that you should look for, especially if you are serving wine professionally. Consider these features of the best wine key for bartenders for daily use.

Ergonomic Design and Comfort

The wine key, otherwise known as the waiter’s corkscrew, must have a comfortable and ergonomic design. It makes handling the tool more efficient and effortless. The build should be easy on the wrist, as well as the fingers and the rest of the hands. The best wine key for bartenders must have a slim and sleek design that allows it to be kept within easy access on the garment, such as the pants, vest, or apron pockets.

Worm design

Typically, a restaurant would sell different types of wines and stock hundreds of bottles. Because of this, you will need a type of best wine key for bartenders that has a worm that can screw into different types of materials and sizes of corks efficiently. It is also crucial that the worm is wide enough to be able to grip the cork firmly. However, it should not be so wide that it destroys the cork.


The best wine key for bartenders must be sturdily built and durable since it will be subjected to a lot of force and extensive use. It should be able to withstand strong forces and not break easily. A majority of best wine key for bartenders are built with high-quality stainless steel, which endows them with durability and makes them effortless to clean.


A corkscrew’s price should be affordable since most hotel owners do not want to spend premium prices on daily essentials. Although the corkscrew price should not be too high, at the same time, it should also not be so extremely cheap that you have to compromise the quality. Cheaper corkscrews are broken easily, and you have to replace them often.


It would help if you also considered purchasing a corkscrew with added tools built within it that make them a multifunctional tool. Extras such as a foil cutter, bottle opener, and opener for other beverages are useful. These days, the best wine key for bartenders are sleeker in construction and are typically handmade. They will also have customized grips and are enhanced with chrome, which adds to the wine key’s attractiveness.

Gizmos and gadgets

When you are opening a bottle of wine, there is no shortage of gadgets on the market. Some utilize a complicated system of torque transferring levers that need electrical or motor power. Other types use vacuum power, and you can even discover models that have to be installed on the wall or a table’s edge.

There is nothing wrong with purchasing any of these gadgets if your goal is to pour out wine for yourself or your party guests simply. The typical server, however, shouldn’t be bothered with them. When you are running from one table to the next uncorking bottle after bottle all evening, you will develop a great appreciation and even a love for classical wine opening tools that are tried and tested.

Elegance in simplicity

If you ask any server or bartender or wine expert or anyone who engages with wine for a living, they will tell you that the classical best wine key for bartenders is still the gold standard for opening bottles of wine. One of the most important tools of their trade is a wine key.

As long as people still go to restaurants and order wine, you will see many renditions of this tool. The best wine key for bartenders is simple, compact, and portable and can be efficiently used with only a little practice. Additionally, something is mesmerizing with the motion that comes with using the best wine key for bartenders. It gives a customer’s restaurant experience a touch of elegance.

What to look for– best wine key for bartenders

Best Wine Key For Bartenders

Which best wine key for bartenders is the best? First and foremost, a wine key should be easy to use since complication has no place in a server’s life.

Comfortable design.

The best wine key for bartenders is going to be used a lot. Therefore it must be easy on the hands, wrist, and fingers. It is also crucial that the design is sleek and slim and easily kept on the apron pants or vest pocket.

The worm

There are hundreds of bottles on restaurants, and you need a worm that can efficiently screw into a wide variety of cork sizes and materials. The worm should be wide enough to grip the cork firmly and not be so wide as to shred it. Customers who pay will not like seeing bits and pieces of cork on their wine.


The best wine key for bartenders should be tough and durable. If a bottle gets broken, it is wasted time and may lead to lost tips.


Since the restaurant industry is unpredictable, a lot of restaurant owners do not want to put aside a huge budget on something so basic. A lot of restaurant employees wouldn’t want to overspend on unnecessarily expensive items in their trade.

What makes a great corkscrew? — best wine key for bartenders

Best Wine Key For Bartenders

Opening a bottle of wine is straightforward. For a lot of people, as long as the cork comes out of the bottle without problems and wine ooze out, they wouldn’t be complaining about the subtle nuances of corkscrew function. In the absence of a suitable tool, there are always other methods. Another hack is to use a standard house key to open a bottle.

However, if you are on a genuine search for the best wine key for bartenders, you should ask yourself a series of questions. Can you discover how a device works simply by examining its physical parts? Do you find the device cumbersome or awkward to handle? Does it have an ergonomic grip? Do you think it will successfully perform all the steps involved in opening a bottle, or would you need additional parts? How smoothly does it perform, and does it cause any noticeable damage to the cork? How long does this best wine key for bartenders take to open a bottle of wine?

These are today’s most popular varieties– best wine key for bartenders

Waiter’s Corkscrew

The waiter’s corkscrew is otherwise known as the wine key and has many variations. But most often, it depends on the double hinge that gives it extra leverage to make it more effortless to remove the cork. Since it has a folded body, it is similar to a pocket knife. It comes equipped with a tiny knife blade for cutting off the foil wrapping on the wine bottle’s neck. This part can be found on the handle. This best wine key for bartenders is quick, efficient, and lightweight, so there is no wonder that many top waiters and wine experts have been using it for years.

Winged Corkscrews

This is a popular type of best wine key for bartenders, which first showed up in the 1930s. When you screw and twist this contraption into the cork, two levers and arms are raised, pushing down the levers and pulling off the cork from the bottle. Wine lovers make sure they select a variety with a thinner screw. This is crucial to avoid destroying the cork.

Lever Corkscrews

Since this type of best wine key for bartenders is easy to operate, this is typically the corkscrew most recommended for beginners. This contraption is otherwise known as bunny ears. It is equipped with two long levers, similar to rabbit ears, and has two handles that firmly hold the bottle in place. After inserting the screw, the levers are squeezed together, and the cork should be released right out.

Electric Wine Openers

This type is mostly battery-powered and are simple to use openers, which require no physical force at all. It makes them suitable for individuals with compromised arm mobility. To use this, simply push the button, and the corkscrew will be inserted into the cork. A majority of these contraptions will also have a foil removal method.

Ah So Wine Openers

This best wine key for bartenders is more complicated to use compared to other choices. However, it is suitable for opening vintage bottles of wine or any other bottle that may be sealed with brittle corks. Hence, it is specifically designed to reduce the risk of destroying the cork. To use this, there will be two slim metal prongs fastened to the handle and are slipped in between the cork and a bottle. Twist the handle, pull it up, and the cork should pop out. 

Another name for this best wine key for bartenders is Butler’s friend. The reason is any servant could effortlessly use it to release the cork and take a quick drink and then replace it without anyone to wiser that the bottle has been tampered with. This contraption is the one you turn to when a broken cork is wedged in the bottleneck.

Top 3 best wine key for bartenders



Product Name: OXO Vertical Corkscrew Removable Foil Cutter

Product Description: This best wine key for bartenders is a lever-style corkscrew which comes with two long handles that squeeze around the mouth of a bottle and a single lever that forces the screw into the cork. It is an easy to use tool since you don’t have to apply much force to wield it. This is the top pick for the best lever-style model out there. It works for both natural and synthetic corks. When it comes to the design, this best wine key for bartenders is made with a diecast zinc handle and a removable foil cutter plus an additional nonstick screw. An added screw is even included to improve the product’s lifespan. Many customers love this corkscrew, and they have raved that it is wonderfully designed, durable, and built to last. Overall, it is one astonishing device.

Availability: InStock


Don’t allow a stubborn cork to get between you and your best wine. This best wine key for bartenders releases the cork effortlessly and speedily with two easy motions. The handle is diecast zinc with soft nonslip firm grip, which allows for comfortable and easy to use nonstick screw to glide easily into the cork. The cork pops out from the corkscrew with a simple force of the lever. The attached removable foil cutter is on hand for any challenge. This corkscrew is slim enough for speedy access and easy storage.

  • Material
  • Design
  • Function


  • Lever removes cork in seconds 
  • Works with natural and synthetic corks
  • Die-cast zinc handle


  • No negative reviews so far

Runners Up

Laguiole En Aubrac Solid Horn Waiters Corkscrew

Best Wine Key For Bartenders

This best wine key for bartenders is a serious work of art. If you want to impress your wine lover friends, this is the wine key to purchase. This is an investment for sure since it is handmade in France and comes with a folding screw feature made of Sandvik stainless steel. This type of material is known to be extremely durable and strong. You will also find that this best wine key for bartenders has a decorative chasing along its spine. 

Online reviewers praise this best wine key for bartenders for its exquisite craftsmanship. One person even said that it is an heirloom piece. It is a perfect addition to your gourmet kitchen and can even be a suitable housewarming gift for a friend or family. Additionally, it comes in a beautiful storage box, so all you need to do is choose the perfect wrapping.

This best wine key for bartenders is handmade in the French region of Laguiole and is a genuine waiter-style corkscrew favored by wine experts and lovers all over the globe. Each piece is assembled expertly by a master craftsman from beginning to end, which ensures that every piece is unique. The worm and built-in serrated foil cutters are made from super strong brushed stainless steel. It will arrive in your hands in a protective ebony wooden storage gift box. Every corkscrew comes with an authenticity certificate and a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

Rabbit Vertical Lever Corkscrew with Foil Cutter


The sole benefit of this best wine key for bartenders is that it cuts the manual worm twisting out from the cork removal process. Some debate that the simplicity of the motion used in this best wine key for bartenders makes up for its bulky size. A majority of other lever models would require separate foil cutters.

We have experimented with this best wine key for bartenders, and overall, it is the sturdiest and most durable. It is created from stainless steel body rather than plastic material. This best wine key for bartenders has a soft rubber grip and pops out the cork with a firm release. Additionally, when the lever is in a vertical position, it stays upright. The levers on other models tend to fall unless they are held up.

This best wine key for bartenders has a sleek and eye-catching design and has been tested for 20,000 cork releases to ensure that a smooth wine opening is experienced every time. Additionally, it comes in an attractive and modern design and is a conversation starter that looks stunning on any counter. It is a suitable gift for your favorite wine-loving friend, colleague, and family.

This best wine key for bartenders also comes with a convenient and stylish foil cutter and a replacement corkscrew spiral.

Final Thoughts

It is crucial to open a bottle of wine efficiently and safely to avoid accidents and spilling your precious wine. There are tons of choices on the market at every price range. However, if you want something that gives more than the basic functions, you will have to be prepared to shell out more. The best wine key for bartenders should be made with quality and durable material and should be simple enough to use and slim enough to be carried anywhere.

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