Copper Ridge Wines: What To Pair It With

Sourced from the esteemed winery of E & J Gallo, Copper Ridge wines are a red wine that hides some savory secrets beyond its fruity origins. It’s been described as “showing black fruits with chocolate notes…” A rather illustrious description for a wine of similar quality.

Find out some of the best combinations for Copper Ridge Wines.

All Good Things Come In Twos

There are times when the complex and the simple perfectly align and provide for a euphoric experience. With the complexity of Copper Ridge wines being the simplicity of the foods we are about to dive into.

Keep reading to explore some of the top combinations for Copper Ridge Wines with different kinds of foods.


It doesn’t get much simpler than this, with the flora of the earth being selected first. The fruity and chocolatey after tastes of Copper Ridge wines mix well with a range of vegetable-based meals. From boiled cabbages to a fantastic tomato chickpea salad, Copper Ridge wines aids the sensation of any vegetarian meal.

Beef Meals

There are a ton of beef-wine mixes out there that can really be elevated with the inclusion of any red wines.

Adding Copper Ridge wines will ensure the eater gets a taste of heaven with every bite and sip. Below are some of the best beef-wine combos to try Copper Ridge wines with:

·         Beef Bourguignon

·         Red Wine Beef Stew

·         Slow-Braised Beef in Red Wine

·         Roast Beef Tenderloin with Wine Sauce

·         Beef and Red Wine Stew with Dumplings

All these have pretty popular recipes that can be accessed on a plethora of websites if you are so culinarily inclined – just make sure to keep an eye on those briskets.


It’s not only beef that pairs quite well with Copper Ridge wines, lamb with its soft, succulent texture isn’t left out. There are a plethora of lamb servings that integrate well with wines like this, below is a list of some of them:

·         Rack of Lamb with Red Wine Sauce

·         Wine Braised Lamb Shank

·         Lamb Chops Sizzled with Garlic

These meals and the many more you can mix with Copper Ridges Wines are sure to leave you craving more food and drink – without sacrificing quality.


You could even attempt to mimic royalty of old and don great robes while downing your Copper Ridges wine with expensive venison. While elk/deer meat may not be as rare as it was in the past, it serves as a great pair to this red wine, complementing its fruity tastes.


You may want to go back to “basics,” just have a great time with friends or host a low-key party; that’s where good ol’ chicken comes in. As simplistic as this protein choice may be, it greatly stirs up the palate and ignites the hidden parts of wines just like Copper Ridges.

·         Various combinations include:

·         Chicken and Red Wine Sauce

·         Chicken Braised in Wine and Rosemary

·         Chicken Cacciatore with Red Wine

Blending your wine and foods is not always an easy task; that is where poultry helps and an option. It’s tasty and does not require a culinary master to pull off some amazing combinations and get the palate going.

To sum up

Just as with many things in life, wine is primarily to be enjoyed. Go ahead and follow these recommendations or even try something way out of the left field and enjoy each moment of your experimentation.

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