It’s Time for Sweeter Red Wines! Learn How

Wine is elegant, and it is the drink of sophistication. You can’t have it in your glass and gulp it down. You need to pour it into your glass, enjoy the aroma and the color, and then take your first sip of it. When the drink makes the journey from your tongue through the palate to your throat, it will remind you of some of the finest vineyards of the world, and that is how you enjoy your red wine.

You can make a wonderful combination of wine and a suitable menu at lunch or dinner. Not only as a drink, but you can also use sweet wine in making several desserts. Try those at home and surprise your dear ones.

Many people believe sweet wine is only used for dessert, but you can also enjoy that on its own or with some savories. Sweet wines have lots of layers of taste to enjoy, so you can’t call it just merely sweet. It is something more. Here are some sweeter red wine types that you can enjoy with your meal. You can choose these as per the occasion and your mood.

Chardonnay for a Pleasant Mood

Though the warm climate of Southern France is the ideal place to grow Chardonnay’s grapes, now it is grown throughout the world. The price of this sweeter red wine depends on the oak’s note, especially if it is the French oak.

The light and refreshing taste of this wine is perfect for a dinner party. You can enjoy it with any vegetable and chicken dishes. For your home collection, Chardonnay will be a great choice.

Pinot Noir with Fruity Flavors

Do you have some unique seafood dishes for tonight’s dinner? Then, nothing else can make it more enjoyable than Pinot Noir. The fruity flavor of this red wine gives a refreshing feeling to your palate, and it is also lighter than any other red wine.

It is not too sweet, but the light taste goes perfectly with poultry dishes again. Pinot Noir is one of the purest forms of wine as it is made of one kind of grapes and not a blend. The taste is also the light red hue of the drink that attracts most of the wine lovers to enjoy the drink.

Full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon

If you are looking for something sweeter and deeper, whether in color or taste, it is Cabernet Sauvignon you are looking for. It goes perfectly with any red meat dishes. It comes with an earthly and complex flavor with a deep and spicy note.

Are you having steak or roasted beef at dinner? Enjoy your glass of full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon with it to have a classy dinner.

Sweet-tasted Moscato

Finally, on the list of sweeter red wine types, this is the one that tastes sweet. This unique wine is made of a particular species of grapes that grow in Italy’s region that gets enough sunlight. It is entirely different from the other wines and suitable for those looking for varieties in taste.

The light flavor profile makes it a favorite of many wine-lovers, and it is also ideal for those who still prefer something light to drink. Not only that, but the non-drinkers can even try it because of its light notes. Have the bottle of Moscato in your collection and pair it with rich desserts to enjoy its ideal flavor.

How to Make Sweet Wine

The secret of making sweet wine lies in harvesting the grape as late as possible. If the grape is picked late, it will become sweeter and riper. Such grapes are perfect for making sweet wine.

After selecting the grapes, those are left on the vine for longer periods so that the fruit starts to evaporate. It will help the flavor of the grapes be more concentrated.

Apart from this method, fortification is another effective method of creating a sweet wine. In this winemaking process, the winemakers use grape spirit into the wine to remove the yeast so that the residual alcohol doesn’t become alcohol. But, the spirit has to be added early to make the wine sweeter. In this process, the sweet port wine is prepared.

Botrytis is kind of a fungus that is used to infect the grapes and absorb water from it. This process is also known as noble rot. Almost the entire water is absorbed in this process, and the fruit is left with trace minerals, natural sugar, tartaric, and malic acid.

Wines made of this process become sweeter than the wines made of grapes that are not being infected by the fungus.

How to Choose the Right Sweet Wine

Well, you have enough idea about sweet wine and the process of making it. Now, it’s time to buy the right type of sweet wine to have it in your collection. There is no steadfast rule of buying sweet wine.

What you need to consider is your choice of wine depending on the sweet taste you want. Some people want very sweet wine while others wish it semi-sweet or lighter than that. Also, people choose sweet wine based on their complexity and varieties of flavors. So, know more about the notes and pick the right one you want to buy.

Here are some kinds of sweet wine based on taste. You can choose according to your choice.

If you are a sweet tooth and want sweeter notes, you can go for Riesling Auslese, Tokaji Auszu, Gewurztraminer Auslese, Sauternes, etc.

For the very sweet category, you can depend on the varieties of Gewurztraminer Beerenauslese, Ice Wine, Riesling Beerenauslese, Rutherglen Muscat, and White Port.

If your choice is a semi-sweet wine, you can choose Moscato d’ Asti, Gewurztraminer Spatlese, and Riesling Spatlese.

Summing up

So, here you get an overview of sweeter red wine types. You can buy any of your favorite ones for your collection and enjoy the drink with the right kind of dinner and lunch. Have it alone to uplift your mood if you feel depressed or have a party night with your close friends and glasses of wine.

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