How Well Do You Know The Sweeter Pinot Noir: Find Out!

If you consider yourself an expert in the field of Wine, the Pinot Noir will make you doubt your expertise for sure. Do you think you’re aware of the sweeter pinot noir? A lot of people confuse their fruity taste with the same as sugar. Pinot Noir tastes like a combination of blackberries and cherries.

You may be wondering, ‘how can something taste sweet but not considered to be sweet?’. In this article, you are going to find all the answers regarding sweeter pinot noir. As for the self-proclaimed wine experts, you are all set to be blown away by the unpredictable Pinot Noir.

The Origin Of Pinot Noir

 The exact origin of this ancient grape is not known properly. Burgundy, France has been the spiritual home of this variety for the longest time. Burgundy is also known to be one of the finest producers of single-variety wine all across the world. The popular winemakers all around the globe have been trying to emulate Burgundy’s fame and popularity.

This undisturbed popularity has led to Pinot Noir plantings throughout Europe and many other places. You should know that Pinot Noir belongs to cooler climates. The humidity and the heat can cause the trademark acidic taste, finesse, and delicacy to disappear.

The finest Pinot Noir plantations can be found in Australia, Switzerland, France, United States, Chile, Austria, and New Zealand. Owing to its huge demand, the sweeter pinot noir is considered to be an international variety.

Pinot Noir – What Does It Mean?

If you are a wine expert, then you should be knowing that Pinot Noir is a type of grape. The sweeter pinot noir is a single-variety wine that is made from this grape. The name pinot noir comes from the French words that mean pine and black. This name is a reference to the shape of its pine-like clusters on the vineyard and the black-colored grapes.

It is one of the oldest grapes cultivated in France. The Cistercian monks belonging to Burgundy cultivated the sweeter pinot noir. Due to the difficulties in growing and popularity, Pinot Noir is one of the most expensive wines in the whole world. It is popular for its age-worthiness and finesse.

How Does It Taste?

The sweet pinot noir taste comes from the forest floor, mushroom, raspberry, vanilla and baking spice, and cherries. The typical flavors of the pinot noir are light to medium-bodied, dry, and bright acidity. It also tastes like silky tannins and alcohols with a range of 12-15%. Even though most Pinot Noir has the same compositions, the taste will depend upon the cultivation style and climate.

The Pinot Noirs that are sourced from cooler climates, will have a more light-bodied and delicate taste. The warmer regions will have a taste that is more fuller-bodied, riper, and high alcohol. A lot of producers believe that aging their wines in 100% fresh French oak will create a fuller and more textured beverage.

Pinot Noir And Calories

If you’re calorie-conscious and wine-lover at the same time, you’ll surely want to know the calorie content of the drink. Before you go-ahead to grab a glass of wine, you should know that the sweeter Pinot Noir has is almost sugar-less. Of course, this doesn’t mean that this wine is calorie-free. The main calorie content in Pinot Noir comes from the alcohol.

A 750-ml Pinot Noir bottle will have approximately 625 calories or, a five-ounce pinot noir serving has 125 calories. If your Pinot Noir has a slight hint of residual sugar, the wine will consist of a small number of carbs. The dry wines usually have zero to four grams of carbs in the whole bottle.

The Best Foods To Pair With Pinot Noir

If you’re hosting an important guest for dinner, then you should serve them the delicious sweeter pinot noir. Most people find it confusing to put the right food on the plate alongside pinot noir. This wine has an elegant style, fruity flavors, and bright acidity, therefore, the food should complement it appropriately.

These flavors make Pinot noir a perfect pair for light red meats like lamb and duck. You can also serve chicken, turkey, and pork along with the wine. Don’t shy from using bolder cooking techniques when using Pinot Noir. A lot of people also appreciate heavily-flavored fishes like salmons.

To match the wine’s subtle flavors, you can also include it in pasta and risottos. Any kind of herbs and earthy veggies like thyme and mushroom blend well along with Pinot Noir. Don’t pick foods that can overpower and suppress the delicacy of Pinot Noir. Avoid using it in rich and dense-flavored foods.

How Is Pinot Noir Served?

The ideal serving temperature for the sweeter Pinot Noir is 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit. The Pinot Noir can be oak-aged and rich or fresh and delicate. The lighter wines have a serving temperature of 55-degree Fahrenheit, and the fuller-bodied ones are perfect at 65-degrees Fahrenheit.

If your Pinot Noir bottle is still leftover, it’s best to replace the cork and store it in the refrigerator. You can use wine for the next three days. You must discard the wine post three days as it will start oxidizing.

Difference Between Pinot Noir And Merlot

Both Pinot Noir and Merlot are two different types of red grapes. The Pinot Noir is ideal for light to medium-bodied wines as they are thin-skinned. Pinot Noir consumers love the elegant style that comes from Burgundy. The freshness, perfume, and red fruit flavors give a sense of sweeter Pinot Noir.

Merlot, on the other hand, has more body, tanning, and alcohol. It is dark in color as compared to Pinot Noir. The Merlot can be found on the right bank of Bordeaux. Merlot and Pinot Noir have different origins and tastes.

Summing It Up

There’s nothing more elegant than a bottle of Pinot Noir. The fruity flavors have a dash of sweetness as well as freshness. The flavors of this wine aren’t overwhelming. It has a perfect flavor profile that is well-balanced. The next time you’re picking up a bottle of wine, you know what to choose.

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