Understanding The Specifics Of Sexual Chocolate Wine

Sexual chocolate wine is one of those flavors that can pair up with almost all kinds of food. The wine-lovers are going gaga over its ‘chocolate-covered cherry’ taste profiles. The Sexual Chocolate is made in Napa and is considered to be a true Californian-source. Let’s dig deeper about this wine and find out what’s so special about it.

What Does It Taste Like

The sexual chocolate wine has a unique taste that will linger in your mouth for a long time. It has the flavor of ripe red cherry, dark berries, and a range of exotic spices. The smooth and silky texture will feel like a delight for the wine-lovers. 

The blackberry, dark chocolate, plum, and cherry cola elevate the wine’s overall taste. The secondary notes included clove, figs dipped in chocolates, and vanilla. This wine is typically dry, high alcohol, full-body, medium tannins, medium acidity, and intense aroma.


More About Sexual Chocolate Wine

Doesn’t the name of this wine sound a bit known to you? Well, you’re right. It is borrowed from Eddie Murphy’s Band in the popular film Coming To America. The sexual chocolate wine is aged for at least 8-12 months. It is also mixed with neutral and new French and American oak. The complex and concentrated flavors will take over your taste buds.

To be precise, this perfect wine has an alcohol content of 13.9% precisely. Like we discussed before, it is made in California and produced by SLO Down Wines. This wine is made with a variety of grapes for attacking your palate. It is made with 50% Syrah, 2% Petit Verdot, 40%Zinfandel, and 8%Petite Sirah.

For those of you who are unaware, Zinfandel is sourced from Napa’s Howell mountain. Syrah comes from Santa Barbara, which usually has a warm climate. The Zinfandel will feel like you’re biting a chocolate-covered cherry, whereas the Syrah adds a hint of class and elegance. The uncommon blend also delivers a delicious combination of dark fruits, ripe with a smooth, long finish.

Sexual chocolate wine is an experience that you should not deny to your taste buds. The winemaker claims that this blend is perfect for ‘Wednesday nights and pizza”. All in all, this wine has explored some of the rare flavors that most winemakers won’t dare to test.

Perfect Food Pairs

This sexual chocolate wine can enhance the taste of your food. You can use it with all kinds of foods. You can pair this up with lamb, Salami, and prosciutto, beef, pork, turkey, chicken, and duck in terms of meat. It goes well with pungent cheese, hard cheese, and soft cheese. A few people also use it with potato, beans, peas, white rice, onion, garlic, pasta, mushrooms, herbs, etc.

The Bottom Line

It is one of the bestselling wines produced by SLO Down Wines. A bottle of sexual chocolate wine uses grapes from all over California. If you’re into experimenting with fun flavors, you should go ahead with the sexual chocolate wine. 

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