Making Wine From Juice Concentrate

If you are starting out making wine from juice concentrate, it is an alternative way to get the best wine. Wine concentrates kits come with simple and easy to understand directions that diminishes the guesswork for beginners and amateur winemakers. In many cases, the winemaking concentrates also include additional home winemaking ingredients preselected and ready to use. Since you are working with concentrated juices, all the variables for error are eliminated. It will be very hard for you to make a mistake.

Why choose a juice concentrate? — making wine from juice concentrate kits

Making Wine From Juice Concentrate

Winemaking concentrates give you an effortless and consistent method to make an amazing wine with stunning flavor, body, and character. Additionally, you can make these bottles of wine for a fraction of the price of what would cost you at the grocery. You would only need to shell out as little as four dollars a bottle. These are tremendous wines that are worthy of praise by friends and family.

Delve right into the interesting and productive hobby of home winemaking. In doing so, you will be among thousands of satisfied people who create and enjoy their concoctions daily with pride.

WHAT KIND OF WINES CAN I MAKE? — making wine from juice concentrate kits

When you choose to work with wine concentrate, there is a large selection available for you than trying to purchase or grow your grapes. There are over 200 different winemaking juices from all over the globe, such as France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia, and Argentina and Canada and California. You can create anything from Cabernets to Chiantis. It is all up to you. There is an incredible selection that can allow you to make various wines with flavors that will never tire you.

Unlike growing your own grapes, the option of wine concentrates are available 365 days a year. Because of this, you can create your wine on the off-seasons of April or August. These wine concentrates will have consistent outcomes, and you can make wines that can be compared to a pricey $10 or $15 bottle of wines at groceries. If you go for higher priced juices, it can create wines that can equal the flavors of $15-$50 wines.

HOW DO YOU USE WINEMAKING CONCENTRATES? — making wine from juice concentrate kits

Making Wine From Juice Concentrate

Getting started with a selection of wine concentrates is very quick and effortless. You simply need to pour the wine concentrate into your winemaking fermentation equipment and add some water and then include wine yeast and any other home winemaking ingredients that are called for in the instructions. After this, you need to suction the wine of the sediment occasionally, as instructed. This is the racking process. Add any additional ingredients that you may want along the way. This entire process will usually span 30 to 45 days from bottling initially depending on the brand of wine concentrate you chose. Your main role in this process is to observe and wait simply.

INGREDIENT KITS– making wine from juice concentrate kits

Wine concentrate ingredient kits are called so because they include everything you will ever need to make up to 6 gallons or 30 bottles of wine. These winemaking kits come with wine yeast nutrients and clarifiers and are all prepared in little packets. The sugars and fruit acids are already infused into the concentrate and formulated for premium flavor and character. Depending on the type of wine you are creating, you may also get flavor enhancers such as oak powder to give it a barrel-aged effect. You may also get dried berry flowers to improve the wine’s bouquet and dried elderberries to add body and depth to the wine’s flavor. Making wine from juice concentrate kits comes with clear and complete directions making these ingredients kits a powerful and effortless way to make stunning wines starting with your first batch.

WHAT EQUIPMENT WILL I NEED? — making wine from juice concentrate kits

Making Wine From Juice Concentrate

One thing that makes wine interesting is that you don’t have to shell out tons of money to get started. If you are already buying wine at the grocery, it can actually save you money. However, there are some basic home winemaking essentials you will need to purchase before making your first wine batch.

First off, you will need a fermentation container to ferment the juice. You will also need to be able to fit the container with an airlock mechanism. This device allows the gases to be released without letting stuff back into the wine in the fermentation process. You will also need a hose for suctioning your wine and separating it from the sediment. These are all basic items.

Apart from this, you will also need to get a wine hydrometer. This piece of device will help you observe the alcohol level of your wines. It will also aid you in tracking the progress of your fermenting wines. This is a highly invaluable tool.

To help you even become more organized, you may want to get a second fermentation container since it will make it effortless for you to transfer the wine off the sediments. Otherwise, you also have the option of temporarily moving the wine into two large cooking pots. Let them stay there just long enough to rinse out the fermentation container and then transfer the wine back.

There are tons of products on the market related to home winemaking that may interest you, such as steering paddles and brushes. However, those mentioned here are the basics that you have to get. 

A SIMPLE WAY TO GET STARTED– making wine from juice concentrate kits

You may have observed the number of items you need to make wine from concentrate is negligible. You will only need a few pieces of equipment and the wine ingredient kit, and you are set. Making wine from juice concentrate using a kit allows you to get started with as little hassle as possible and minimizes the guesswork.

Welch– making wine from juice concentrate

A lot of people who are making wine from juice concentrate may be attracted to the Welch brand because of its convenience. If you want to make wine in any season, you can grab a few bottles of Welch on the grocery shelves.

According to research, you can actually make wine from any frozen fruit juice concentrate. Any juice will ferment under the right conditions. However, just because you can ferment the juice doesn’t mean you have to. For example, apple juice can produce a reliable cider, while orange juice can be made into a stunning brew.

The basic principle of wine is that it is only as good as the grapes harvested to make it. Because of this, there is so much knowledge needed about the beverage devoted to climate, soil conditions, farming methods, and weather conditions.

However, products such as Welch are perfect and stable, as well as consistent. The question about Welch is whether the outcome will be something pleasant to the taste. Choosing Welch and experimenting with this juice concentrate can make for a fun tasting drink. It may not be the table wine of your dreams, but the result can be satisfactory.

So How Do You Actually Make Wine? — making wine from juice concentrate


Simple wine fermentation will involve the process of adding yeast to a mix of fruits, water, and sugar. After this, the yeast will eat the sugar and turn the mixture into approximately 50% alcohol and 50% carbon dioxide.

As an example, if you have a gallon of juice with 2 pounds of sugar in it and allow the yeast to consume the entire sugar, you will get a gallon of wine in the end with a 1 pound of alcohol formulation.

However, this math is not exact, and you will probably get about a 50-50 mixture of alcohol and carbon dioxide. You don’t have to pour in all the sugar since the fruit or juice that you start with will have sugar components on its own.

How to Make Wine at Home from Bottled Juice? — making wine from juice concentrate

If you are making wine from juice concentrate at home, you can follow two methods. You have the option of buying individual tools and ingredients either online or from a brick-and-mortar grocery store, or you can purchase a simple and easy to follow kit that will have everything you need.

Most kits that are purchased come with a fermentation stopper that should match almost any bottle of juice. They will also come with six packets of yeast with a bit of sugar included. Some will even have six labels for your newly spiked juice bottles. This is crucial since you don’t want your children to confuse their grape juice with your adult variety.

A lot of manufacturers will recommend a 64-ounce bottle of juice that has zero preservatives. Similar to making hard cider or grape soda, the presence of preservatives in juice kills off the yeast. Additionally, the juice will need to have at least 20 g of sugar per serving to give your yeast something to eat so it can produce alcohol.

Fermenting the wine

Once the fermentation process has stopped, the alcohol content should be enough for you to get a good kick from the wine. If you want to improve the taste, you will have to let the liquid sit for at least a couple of months before finally drinking it. However, if you want to really have your homemade wine tasting like a premium bottle, make sure to leave all of the gunk at the bottom. These sediments or dregs are primarily yeast cells that have been killed off from alcohol poisoning.

Although they are not poisonous by itself, they can give the wine an undesirable odd flavor. Try to get the wine out without moving the dregs too much. It is recommended to suction the wine out. The suctioning process means that you only need to take a hose and suck the wine out from one container to another. This process leaves the sediments behind. If you don’t want any trace of saliva to contaminate the wine, you can gargle with Listerine or vodka before suctioning and then use an aluminum foil tip at the hose’s end. Pull out the foil just before the wine gets to it, and all should be fine.

Traditional process

A huge difference between making wine from juice concentrate from kits and the traditional winemaking process is that the traditional process will have two fermentation methods. It will require a primary and secondary fermentation. With a kit, you will only be doing the secondary fermentation. In primary fermentation, you would be leaving out the yeast and juice mixture in the open air. The yeast will multiply as much as 200 times if it is allowed to have air to breathe. When you put in an airlock on right away, you are reducing the yeast’s ability to multiply. Because of this, the fermentation would take much longer to reach higher levels of alcohol. However, if you are utilizing this method, you will probably be more inclined towards a sweeter and fruitier wine nevertheless.

Juice concentrate kits

There is nothing wrong with making wine from juice concentrate kits. In fact, it can target a certain niche. These winemaking kits would make an interesting gift for someone who has never tried any winemaking. These making wine from juice concentrate kits would be a fun thing to do as a group activity for a party. It can also be a good project for kids to see and observe the fermentation process and the liquid’s bubbling. However, you may want to keep your kids away from drinking the final product because of the alcohol content.

Nevertheless, once you have had a taste and experienced the beauty of making wine from juice concentrate, you may want to veer away from budget kits and store-bought juice and purchase premium ingredients and tools.

Whether you are purchasing a winemaking kit or using individual ingredients, you will have more fun making and drinking your own fruity wine. If you have a favorite type of juice, you can be making wine from juice concentrate and come up with a unique flavored wine.

Final Thoughts

There are tons of juice on the market that can be used for your winemaking project. You can opt for traditional fruits such as grape, or if you want something novel, you can get a unique fruit such as Dragon fruit and turn it into wine. Making wine from juice concentrate is fairly easy, and all you need is patience and the right equipment. If you are a beginner, it is crucial to make wine from juice concentrate kits to minimize errors and have every ingredient and equipment you will need readily. 

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