Machine To Put Labels On Bottles

A label is crucial to identify a bottle’s content. It also gives the buyer or the receiver of the item a first impression of the product. A label can increase the aesthetics of the bottle. Choosing the best machine to put labels on bottles will enhance your products’ quality and people’s perception of it. It can also keep your production line running effortlessly. It is crucial to get a heads up on what to look for in a machine to put labels on bottles. There are many models and varieties on the market, knowing what to look for and how the different models function will give you an idea of what to purchase for your needs.

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What to look for in machine to put labels on bottles

Machine To Put Labels On Bottles

Labeling Machine Configurations

The machine to put labels on bottles can be identified by their basic configurations, depending on how the label is attached. Common labelers are vertical wrap, horizontal wraps, and front and back. Other models will include top labelers in top and bottom labelers as well as customized ones. 

Vertical Wrap

Bottles pass through the machine in the vertical an upright manner. This option is suited for bottles that have a slight taper or square or rectangular shape. You can apply partial and full labels on these bottles.

Horizontal Wrap

Bottles will be passing through the machine while on their sides. Machines that horizontally wrap bottles work well for odd shapes and unstable round containers, including bottles or vials that have rounded bottom.

Front and Back

This type of machine sticks labels on the sides and are suitable for different types of bottle styles. However, the container must be in a stable position while going through the conveyor.

Although many labelers fit into either one of these categories, machines can be fully customized and designed for any need and application. It includes multiple labeling stations and can even wrap the entire body of a bottle and put a second labeler at the top.

Bottle Orientation for Label Placement– machine to put labels on bottles

Machine To Put Labels On Bottles

The application of labels requires high precision levels because more than ever, your packaging must have a visual impact to set the brand’s unique character on the market. A simple horizontal wrap may have a 1/8-inch gap between the edges and the body’s ends. To get to this level of precision, the bottle should be moved into a position for proper application. It is crucial to choose the right system to balance the bottle and apply accuracy in labeling, speeding up the process, and cutting down costs.

There are varying situations. When it comes to a single label being attached to an average round bottle, there is only one location factor, which is height. By comparison, labels that are square and oval-shaped need to be placed horizontally and vertically. If you are putting the labels in an unusual spot such as the corners, it would need a more complicated machine to get the placement right.

A majority of round bottle machines will utilize a single feed screw to isolate the bottles and force them forward to the labeler at a specific rate. For non-round bottles, two screws are utilized to precisely orient the bottle for label application.

There is also a spin in place to sign, which can place each bottle individually before applying the label. This machine type may utilize a couple of short screws or a spinning platform with radars to check for proper positioning. Although this design takes longer compared to standard machines, it is more precise.

Types of Roll Labels for Label Applicators– machine to put labels on bottles

Every bottle labeling machine will feed labels in a specific way so that they are placed on the right area on the bottle. Typically, your machine should use the same label style as other machines on the site for compatibility. However, there are other types of roll label features to look for:

Outside Peel vs. Inside Peel

Labels that are outside peel type face away from the core while the inside peel label faces the core so that the paper’s backing can be seen when looking at the outside of the roll. 

Printing Orientation

This feature is about the print direction, as seen from the outer end of the roll. The direction can be top, bottom, left, or right.

Label Material

A wide variety of materials are available from paper to foil, and some even come with UV coating.

Other Features to Look for When Choosing a Labeling Machine to put labels on bottles

Machine To Put Labels On Bottles

Ask yourself what you specifically need. Do you need speed? Are you looking for an applicator that is flexible to various shapes and sizes? Make sure to keep your needs in mind before deciding on a purchase.


Some machines can be designed for a variety of shapes and sizes, which can give you the freedom to use one machine for different product lines. Others will have parts that can save on purchase costs, repairs, and maintenance.

Material Compatibility

Your machine must be able to handle your choice of label material. The roller’s tensioners and other parts will vary depending on the type of paper or foil film or Mylar you choose. There are pressure-sensitive labels that require a certain force to push them onto the bottle after application. Once the bottle passes the label applicator machine, make sure that it is lying flat on the bottle and wrinkle-free. Time and amount of pressure will vary depending on the label, the ease-of-use, and the bottle’s material.

Rate of Application

Machines can be rated as ppm or products per minute. However, there is more to this than pure speed. Some machines are designed to handle fluctuations in production speed and can even interact with upstream operations. Because of this, the labeler can stop the line if there is a backup, such as when the machine has run out of labels or if there is a failure in the mechanism.

When it comes to most machines, labeling has to be stopped to replace labeled roles. However, some can accommodate two rolls, which can result in minimum downtime when switching to new rolls after the previous one has run out.

Core and Roll Size

The core part is the plastic inserted on the inside part of the roll. The larger the roll, the higher number of labels it can hold, which reduces the frequency of replacing rolls during production time. As with label orientation, the main point is to ensure that your machine can utilize the same roll labels comparable to other machines on-site.


A separate machine usually handles the printing of production dates and other codes. But some manufacturers will give you the option of adding a hot stamp or laser printer. This permits information to be printed on in an exact spot on the bottle.

Hot stamp printer types have limits. Because of this, they’re usually used to printing production dates. This type of machine must be shut down to switch to a new character. Laser coders can print lines of text at high-speed levels. They can make a different print for each bottle, which can narrow the coding process down to specific serial numbers or the time and date the bottle was processed on the machine. 

Picking the Right Labeler for Your Production Needs– machine to put labels on bottles

Getting the perfect bottle labeling machine will depend on these factors:

Type of bottle/label used

This is the label of orientation that utilizes complex labels and odd-shaped bottles, which requires a slower and pricier machine.

Flexibility and compatibility 

Ask yourself the multiple products which will be using the same machine. Will you have other bottle labeling machines on-site? When it comes to the in-house manufacturer and engineering capacity, some labeling systems have a unique ability to minimize parts and components and are designed specially to configure systems of any need.

Top three machine to put labels on bottles



Product Name: Maxwolf Semi-Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine

Product Description: It has a comparable design to the international LAB01, and it has gotten great reviews. This machine to put labels on bottles is semiautomatic, which makes processing easy and speedy. It comes with an electrically powered motor that allows for fast application, and it can be set to pinpoint accuracy. This machine to put labels on bottles will save you a lot of time sitting can label up to 40 round bottles every minute. It is also very effortless to set up and is designed for easy maintenance.


This machine to put labels on bottles is a semiautomatic machine that comes with a motor and a touch control by limit switch. It is suitable for matching vertical filling packing machine and can be used for printing the date of production and the batch number. It is suitable in industries of food, beverage, medicine, and many others.

Some of the benefits of this machine to put labels on bottles are its semiautomatic function, and hot stamp ribbons support. It also can support large labels and can handle all bottle lengths.

  • Design
  • Speed
  • Versatility


  • It can print clear words on any packing materials 
  • features simple operation and convenient maintenance
  • suitable for the industries of food and medicine


  • No negative reviews so far

Runners Up

ZLA Zap Labeler: Semi-Automatic Labeling Machine

Machine To Put Labels On Bottles

As this brand’s name suggests, the labeler is an extremely versatile machine specially made for beer bottles. It can put labels on round, square, hex, and oval bottles and other items such as pouches and boxes.

For many consumers, this flexibility is a huge advantage. With this machine to put labels on bottles, you can label your beer, wine, and liquor and any round bottle and improve their packaging.

This machine to put labels on bottles can support label sizes from 5 to 8 inches, and they can easily be switched out. Similar to the international LAB01, this machine is operated manually.

It may also take some adjustment to get it functioning, but once it does, it is a great device for both small and batch bottles.

With this machine to put labels on bottles, you can label containers that are square-shaped flat, and oval. These shapes are a problem for many small businesses. Semiautomatic label machines for these types of shapes are extremely expensive, and many people will opt to label them by hand, which is very hard to get things right. This machine to put labels on bottles attaches your labels precisely every time. It is a speedy and quick machine at an affordable price point.

START International LAB01 Manual Bottle Label Applicator


This machine to put labels on bottles is operated manually. It is easy to operate and can label bottles of various sizes. Since this is a manual label machine, you have to reload it and turn each bottle. This is not such a hassle since the tradeoff is you won’t be paying thousands of dollars to attach your labels.

To operate this machine to put labels on bottles, you need to roll off the labels and place the bottle on the rollers. Thereafter, turn the bottle until the application is finished and then prop the next bottle.

In a few minutes, you can apply 50 and more labels.

This machine to put labels on bottles can be applied to bottles, cans, and other cylindrical items of small and large sizes. It can accommodate up to 1-gallon containers and something as small as a diameter of a small tube. This machine to put labels on bottles places the labels in the same location for precise and consistent placement. You can adjust this machine to put labels on bottles without utilizing tools for different label sizes.

Final Thoughts

The packaging is crucial to any product. Your packaging will include the labels that increase your bottled products’ aesthetics and provide a space for you to create your brand image. Labels are also crucial to identify any information about the product. Whether you are creating bottled products as a hobby or as a business, tons of machines can put labels on bottles on the market. They come at every price point. Purchase one if you are making huge batches and level up the look of your bottles.

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