Best Wine Opener for Waiters-Our Top 4 Picks

Do you consider yourself a wine lover, or waiter or sommelier? Do you want to have fun drinking a bottle of Merlot or wine? If yes, then you should want to have the best wine opener for waiters. No need to use a hard time wine opening cork. Several numbers of most well-known brands have created the best featured, high end, and durable industrial quality corkscrews. A lot of them are also convenient and versatile. All winged wine openers are basic and easy to use on all bottle opening tasks.

That being said, if you are looking for a wine opener for waiter for your business, then you are on the right place. In this article, we will walk you through the important factors to consider when buying a wine opener. Most importantly, to help you make an informed decision, we made a review of our 4 best wine opener for waiters. Keep on reading to find out more.

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Factors to Consider when Buying a Wine Opener for Waiters

When looking for the best wine opener for waiters you must not only look at the price tag especially if what you want is a cork that will last for a long time.

Consider the following factors when looking for the best wine opener for waiters:


Will the wine opener last long? how about its quality? Is it made from the most durable materials? Most importantly, when it breaks, will it also break the bottle of wine? Durability is very since you are looking for an opener that you will use for your business. If you do not want to keep on buying corkscrew, then make sure to buy a quality one.

While good quality wine openers come in high prices, it will be a good investment.

🍾 Physical effort needed to open the wine

If your purpose of buying a wine opener is for personal use, then it would be fine to buy a corkscrew that it not that easy to use. On the other hand, if it is for business purposes, it is important to look for a wine opener that lets you open a wine bottle in just few seconds. Aside from that, it is also important to buy a wine opener that does not require enough force or muscle from you. Nevertheless, if you decided to buy a wine opener that is intended for kitchen showcase, the physical effort is not an issue.

🍾 Learning difficulty

Is the wine opener easy to use? Or will it easily destroy the wine bottle if you do something wrong? Do you need to familiarize yourself with the item for a long time for you to be able to use it? If you are collecting a wine opener, learning difficulty is not an issue, but since it is for business purposes, and the waiters are the ones using it, make sure that it is esy to learn.

🍾 Portability

When hunting for the best wine opener for waiter, it is very important for it to be compact and portable. Waiters will most likely put it on their pockets and apron.

Aside from that you should ask yourself the question “will it recork the wine bottle or give cork that is suitable for reuse?”

Different Types of Wine Opener

Waiter’s friend

The first and most common type of wine opener is the waiter’s friend, also known as the sommelier’s knife. It is the most popular type of corkscrew primarily because it is the most portable one. Its small size and durability make it the perfect choice for waiters. In addition to that, it is considered as the pride among people who work in a restaurants and bras.

Winged Corkscrew

The winged corkscrew is still around, and even though it did not overpower as the best household wine opener among buyers, high quality builds winged corkscrew can provide a wine lover years of contentment. With a winged corkscrew, as the worm is placed into the cork, two levers (handles that look like wings) will reach it up up. Once the worm is carefully fixed in the cork and the levers are closely vertical, you just have to pull down two levers at the same time. This will then pull out the cork in just one move.

Even though it takes lesser work compared to that of a waiter’s friend, the cork comes out in one stage, and it can be hard to control especially if you are careless. Yet above being careful and being forceful enough to pull the cork out (somehow between the strength of a kid and an adult in their prime), there is not much to familiarize after you witness how one person uses it. 

Rabbit Design (Lever Style)

These once attractive items might take the trophy for ease of use, short of a non-manula one or a table-mounted one. As a matter of fact, the rabbit type wine opener was named after how it appears. But the latest models that follow a similar principle may or may not look like the previous ones. 

A rabbit design wine opener typically is a corkscrew that you put over the top of a wine bottle (usually by utilizing the rabbit ear grip) and then you pull a lever in one direction (the placing of the worm method) and take it back the other way to its previous position (trying to pull the cork out). It works by similar method to reinsert it.

Several people claim by these lever models, and I hope for them to soon become the most famous method. If you experience resistance after some using it, you might have to buy a new worm.

Electric Bottle Opener

Electric Bottle Openers do all the tasks for you. That being said, you do not need muscle or energy to pull of a cork. With an electric bottle opener, all you need is a bottle of wine. Now they are normally cheap starting somewhere around $30. Even though there are some concerns for the most part, users are satisfied with them most especially if the wine drinker does not have sufficient energy for a mechanical opener.

Generally speaking, the less expensive models of wine openers look fragile and may be difficult to fit the look of your kitchen. They are not totally the most user friendly to bring on a picnic or family and friends gathering. Furthermore, some units are somewhat loud, and irritating. One of the main advantages is also one of the main downsides. With an electric bottle opener, you do not have full control of the cork extraction and when the cork is falling apart, it may be better to choose an automated process.

That being said, electric bottle openers are not advisable for waiters as it is hard to learn and it can be loud. Aside from that, it is also pricey. 

Table Mounted Wine Opener

The table mounted wine openers have used similar mechanical concepts as the rabbit design for longer. It typically has a clamp and a crank like a lever.  The heavy construction is suitable for uncorking plenty of wine bottles, and one uses very little energy. Usually, they are amazingly ornate and can totally be a display in someone’s kitchen.

On the other hand, they do not come in low price tags, and you need enough counter place as it cannot be placed inside a drawer. With an expensive budget, of course, it would be great to buy one, if only to display it at your house. Since you are looking for the best wine opener for waiter, it would be best to avoid this type. On the other hand, if one day you decided to look for a corkscrew to showcase in your living room or kitchen, this is the best option. 

It is the opposite of the waiter’s friend, but surprisingly, you may see that the majority of avid wine lovers opt to incline to these ultimately different apparatus. 

The Best Wine Opener for Waiter – Our Top 4 Picks

Our #1 Choice


Product Name: CORKAS Wine Opener

Product Description: This reliable, high quality, heavy and durable wine opener will last for a long time. This will appeal to your inner sommelier. Once you use it, this corkscrew will become your everyday go-to for corking your wine which makes it perfect for waiters. This wine key works better than any other opener that we've ever seen. The fluted pattern, two leverage arms, and double-sided curve are key features that provide the cork puller an one of a kind ability to cleanly pull off even the longest corks. In addition that, it comes with a blade that is equipped with a great-tooth that cuts amazingly smooth. Enjoy this high-quality forged steel with the delicate process and fine appearance.

Availability: InStock


The larger-sized design with a labor-saving feature makes this opener a high-end professional corkscrew. They chose the best quality matte steel to give this corkscrew its sturdiness. Corkas also use a rosewood handle with a double-sided curve, providing the corkscrew a one of a kind elegance. 

  • Easy to use
  • Sturdiness
  • Durability
  • Quality of the Product


Easy to use 

Highly durable 

Larger-sized design concept 



none so far 

Our Runners-Up

La Creuset Wine Opener

best wine opener for waiters

Product description:

If you are hunting for the best wine opener for waiters, you should consider buying this waiter’s friend corkscrew that is made from wood. It is highly durable and you will easily remove the corks from the wine bottles.

In addition to that the overall appearance of this wine opener makes it perfect for business use as it levels up the experience of the customers. Other amazing features of this wine opener are: it comes with a built-in foil cutter, a soft touch handle for easy and comfortable use, and best of all, it is covered with a 10-year warranty.

Unlike other low priced corkscrews that are hard to operate when opening a wine, this La Creuset Waiter’s Friend Corkscrew made from wood has a step ratchet lever corkscrew with non-stick worm to instantly remove the cork from the wine bottles.

Designed for professionals, this product utilizes a patented 2-step system.that improves leverage and promotes easier and faster removal of cork. Aside from that, it is also made from stainless steel for improved durability and precision. Best of all, since this is specifically designed for waiters, it easily slips into a pocket, apron, or drawer.

According to the reviews of the buyers, this wine opener is one of the best conventional corkscrew they have ever hand. It is sturdy and a simple device that does what it is expected. The also said that it is worth the money and that they really got what they paid for. It is better than any other cheap corkscrew sold in the market.

Black Boomerang Wine Opener

best wine opener for waiters

Product description:

Next on our list of the best wine opener for a waiter is this black boomerang corkscrew with no blade “foil cutter“. It comes with two sets. What is great about this product is its standard lever patented floating axis design and foilkut system.

The dimensions of this product are 6.5 x 3.1 x 0.8 inches and it only weighs 5.6 ounces. In addition to that, it has a large imprint area and comes in a color black. However, the non-stick coated spiral is only available in the black handle. Even so, the chosen color is the best color for this item. It looks classy and high-end.

In addition to that, this wine opener is made perfect for business purposes. It is highly durable as it is made from good quality materials. It is also easy to use which makes is perfect for waiters. The patented floating gets rids of stress. Hence, the boot lever hugs against the cork when extracting.

Although it may seem pricey to you, the quality and ease of use will never disappoint you. In addition to that, the black and color silver makes it look classy when used in bars and restaurants. You also have the option to buy two pieces in smaller price.

TTI Wine Opener

best wine opener for waiters

Product description:

This wine opener from TTI is produced by BestUtensils with real 100% recyclable materials that can be used repeatedly. Adding an amazing theme to the conventional wine opener. By using this product, you will protect the earth’s environment-the homeland of all creatures.

As for the features of this wine bottle opener, it allows you to open the bottle in just 3 second because the opener glides smoothly thanks to the mechanical leverage by Archimedes law. That being said, it requires only little amount of energy from you. Best of all, you will get to uncork any size of wine bottle in just one push.

This opener is nice and easy to use, nevertheless nobody wants to use a knife when starting the process of uncorking. This wine opener comes in a built-in foil cutter that allow that preventing your from experiencing the stress of using a knife. The only thing you need is the wine bottle.

The TTI wine bottle opener is more than just a tool.  Special zinc alloy polished chrome plating finishes and red shell makes it perfect for any restaurant, bar, or home for a romantic evening or just a casual drink. It’s not only a tool for opening a wine, but also a sign of fashion and a creativity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are wine openers called?

A: Wine openers are also called as corkscrew. It a tool used for opening wine bottles and other kinds of bottles that use corks as seal. Traditionally, a corkscrew comprises of a sharp metallic helix, also called as the worm. The worm is fixed to the handle.

Q: How do you open a wine without using a corkscrew?

A: In the event you do not have a wine opener at home, you can use a screw to open a bottle. It would be best to use a long screw, screwdriver, or a hammer. Push the cork using the handle of a spoon then pump it out. Look for keys or knife and use it to twist the cork. After that, wrap the bottle using a cloth or towel and use the wall to smack it out.

Q: How do you keep a wine fresh?

A: There are plenty of ways that you can do in order to keep the freshness of a wine. First, make sure to store the wine in a place that is out of light and maintains a room temperature. In majority of the case, a refrigerator will work just fine in extending the freshness of your wine. The reason for this is that cold temperature delays the chemical process, comprising the process of oxidation that happens when the oxygen reaches the wine.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a person who loves wine or you own a restaurant or bar, it is essential to choose a high-quality wine that is easy to use and will last for a long time. The above-mentioned wine opener for waiter are made with superior quality materials. Not only that, but most of them are also made specifically for waiter. Whatever brand you choose, you will not get disappointed with their product.

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