5 Top Rated Electric Wine Openers for the Money in 2020

An electric wine opener offer convenience compared to when using the conventional wine opener. With the top rated electric wine opener, the process is smooth and fast. Depending on the type of electric wine opener, it can also reseal the cork to help with maintaining the freshness of the wine for longer.

So far, you might already see the benefits of getting yourself the best electric wine opener. However, just know that you will encounter many models in the market some being efficient while others a waste of money. What is important is that you get something that offers value for money.

The table below is on the best wine openers for the money that you can buy today. We will look at the reviews in detail later in the guide.

Wine OpenerBrandExpert RatingCheck Price
Wine Enthusiast 2-in-1 Electric Wine Bottle Opener and Preserver Set Check Price
Ivation Wine Gift Set Check Price
Brookstone Electric Wine Opener with Automatic Vacuum Pump Check Price
Waring Commercial WW0120 Portable Electric Wine Bottle Opener Check Price
CHEER Wine Opener with Accessories Check Price

How to Choose the Best Top Rated Electric Wine Opener

The Design

Buying a top rated electric wine opener based on its design is important as it might end up sitting in the open in your kitchen. It is then important to get yourself someone that blends into the existing décor and does not stick out as a sore thumb.

One thing to keep in mind is that the design is not all about the physical looks, but rather its efficiency too. If a unit comes with a great design that promotes efficiency, then you will enjoy using it even more often.

The Battery

Electric wine openers would be rechargeable. The first charge cycle can take up to 8 hours before you can start using the wine opener. Thereafter, the other cycles can take anywhere from 4 to 6 hours. Depending on the model, the battery type can differ a lot.

The modern models would come with lithium ion batteries. This type of battery is good in terms of smooth power delivery and can last for longer before recharging. They might however make the wine opener expensive.

The Capacity

One thing that will determine the usefulness of the wine opener will be its capacity. The capacity determines the number of wine bottles you can open before you need to recharge the wine opener again.

This kind of information will mostly be part of the product description. As such, you would always know the capacity of the wine opener before buying. You are likely to get some opening up to 60 wine bottles before a recharge.

You will have to choose this capacity depending on where you use the wine opener more often. If you use the wine opener more often, then go for one with more capacity.


As for durability, you would need a model that handle all your wine opening needs without necessarily breaking down. Look at the material used to make the top rated electric wine opener to understand its durability.

Most manufacturers opt for stainless steel material. It is known to be good in terms of durability and does not corrode. The last thing you need is the material corroding and you use it for wine opening.

On overall, stainless steel is found to be food grade material. As such, it ensures that you end up with the best safety even when you use it more often to open wine bottles.


The price is going to vary from one model to another. It comes down to your budget. Look at what you can get for the money you are willing to spend. Sometimes it can surprise you that it is possible to get a quality electric wine opener on a budget.


Depending on the top-rated electric wine opener model, some will come with additional accessories. They are important accessories that can improve your wine drinking experience. Some of the accessories include a foil cutter, an aerator, airtight corks, and more. It does not have to be a wine opener only. Getting more accessories per wine opener makes it a better value for the money.

Top 5 Best Electric Wine Openers

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: Wine Enthusiast 2-in-1 Electric Wine Bottle Opener and Preserver Set

Product Name: Wine Enthusiast 2-in-1 Electric Wine Bottle Opener and Preserver Set

Product Description: If you feel like making the wine opening process easier, then this is what you get for yourself. It is a 2-in-1 product as it works as a wine opener and a preserver set. As such, it will have all the essentials that will make your wine tasting even better. The model comes with a recharging station nicely designed to make the experience even better. The station also features a sleek stainless-steel exterior that can easily fit in different homes décor. Its battery capacity allows it to open and seal up to 40 bottles. This should make it an ideal choice for someone who has to handle multiple bottles per night. There is the battery life display screen that will let you know when the battery life is low. Having the automatic opener makes it so easy to operate. You will simply place it over the bottle for it to quickly pull and remove the different types of corks. There will be an LED light, blue in color, that glows during the process. A see-through window at the bottom should make it easy to see the cork removal process.

Availability: InStock


Being an electric wine opener makes it a great choice for someone who needs to handle a lot more wine bottles. Thanks to its great charge, this one can open up to 40 bottles per single charge. As a result, it is going to be a great wine opener to get for yourself.

It is also a wine preserver. This makes it a great product offering nice value for money. You will not have to buy the wine preserver set differently.

  • Ease of Use
  • Versatility
  • Ease of Use
  • Sturdiness
  • Usability


✔️It has a great battery life

✔️It also doubles as a preserver set

✔️The dock design is good for any décor


❌The overall durability could be better

Runner’s Up

Ivation Wine Gift Set

This is a nice choice for anyone who wants the best top rated electric wine opener set. Being a set, it comes with several gadgets you would need as someone who loves wine. Thanks to this set, you can easily open the wine, reseal it, and preserve it even further.

The battery of this wine opener allows it to open up to 30 corks. There is no doubt this will be a great choice for anyone who wants something great to handle an event. When it comes to recharging, it does not take long. You should be back to opening the wine bottles once again.

The set comes with the vacuum preserver and stoppers. The results are that it helps to keep your wine fresh. It does this by removing the air that might be in the wine bottle.

Many people like the fact that it comes with a sleek charging station for all the accessories. Other than charging them effectively, you will find it easier to organize the gadgets.

Brookstone Electric Wine Opener with Automatic Vacuum Pump

For many people, this top rated electric wine opener is going to have everything they need. It is a complete kit that makes it easy to open and preserve your wine. The accessories of the kit include an electric wine opener, a foil cutter, a vacuum pump, two airtight stoppers, and a wine bottle collar. From the list, it is easy to see that it would be great value for money.

Comparing it to some other models with similar accessories, it is easy to see that this one would have the best value. Others are likely to be double its price.

Thanks to its automated operation, many will find this to be an easy to use wine opener. You simply set it up as instructed by the manufacturer and let it get the job done. It is also high quality and carbon-coated steel making it highly durable. As such, you can use it on natural and synthetic corks with ease.

With a one-touch operation, you can use the vacuum pump to remove all the air from the bottle so that you can preserve the freshness of your wine. The use of the airtight stoppers will let you know maintain the freshness even further.

Having the sleek and modern design makes the wine opener a great choice for interior décor. You will not have to worry that it might end up messing your home look when it is setup in the kitchen.

Waring Commercial WW0120 Portable Electric Wine Bottle Opener

One thing that makes this a top rated electric wine opener should be that it is easily portable. With a weight of 2.88 pounds, it should be easy to move around with it. Also, it is easy to handle, once you set it up, you can have the cork removed in matter of seconds.

The high-performance commercial motor in the bottle opener helps with removing the corks easily. The best part is that it can handle both the natural and synthetic corks better than what you get with some models.

The NiMH rechargeable battery pack is also good in terms of power delivery. It is why this model is preferred to be used in catering events, restaurants, and banquets as it would have enough battery to handle a large quantity of corks.

CHEER Wine Opener with Accessories

All the products that are in this wine opener set are made of stainless steel and still approved as food grade materials. As such, other than being highly durable, they are also safe materials to handle your wine.

As for the operation, it does not take long before the wine opener is done with the cork removal process. It will take only 6 seconds with minimal to no resistance.

On its full charge, it will open up to 60 wine bottles. This is thanks to the use of a lithium battery. This type of battery will be good for someone who also wants to use it for a large event.

There is also the elegant aerator. This is an important accessory that can aerate the wine so that it is able to release its rich aromas and the subtle flavors.

The superb vacuum and the sealer are important for keeping the wine fresh for another seven days after opening it. As such, you should enjoy drinking the wine for days knowing that it would taste great.

The set also includes a foil cutter, spout, and two mini stoppers for keeping the wine fresh. As such, it is going to be a great choice for many who want value for money.


Why do people opt for electric wine openers?

Many people consider an electric wine opener because it is convenient and easy to use. You can now be able to remove the cork in just a few seconds. The same cannot be said for the conventional manual wine opener.

Is an electric wine opener hard to use?

The electric wine opener is not hard to use. In most cases, the manufacturer will send you a detailed guide on how to use the wine opener. All you have to do is follow it and you should have it working in no time.

Are electric wine openers durable?

This depends on the design and material used to make the wine opener. Most of them would be made of stainless steel which is relatively strong and durable. Even with regular use, such a material can handle it all.


The top rated electric wine operator would be one that makes your life easier by opening the wine bottles faster and effectively. The last thing you want is for it to feel like you are better off using a conventional wine opener than the electric one. Also, always consider if it comes with any accessories that can make it better to handle your wine better.

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