What is the Best Wine Opener for Old Corks? 5 Best Picks

There are times when you just need your wine opener to work great. That can only happen when you have the best wine opener for old corks. Having the right wine opener will allow you to remove the old cork with ease as it might have been sitting for years.

There are multiple types of corks in the market. You simply have to get the right one for the job. If you find the thousands of options confusing, this is the guide for you. We will look at the top options in the market for the money to help you get the right one for handling the old corks. Let us check them out below.

Wine OpenerBrandExpert RatingCheck Price
MIMI’S & FIFI’S Wine Accessories Wine Bottle Opener Corkscrew Check Price
Coutale Sommelier Double Lever Wine Bottle Opener Check Price
EZBASICS Electric Wine Operator Set Check Price
Le Creuset Activ-Ball Metal Corkscrew Check Price
Gra De Vino Electric Wine Operator Check Price

How to Choose the Best Wine Opener for Old Corks

Ease of Using the Opener

One thing that you need to always consider is the use of use. You are likely to come across different designs when it comes to a wine opener. What is crucial is the effort that you use to open the cork.

It is why some will have fancy designs with the aim of making it easier to open the old corks. As such, look at the features of the wine opener first to see if it is something you would want.

Sometimes the reviews about the best wine opener for old corks gives you an idea if it is good or not. It is always good to learn from the experience of other people.

The Cost

If you check out several wine openers listings, you will notice that the cost varies a lot. Some of the pocket openers will cost as low as $5 while the high-end models would go upwards of $100.

Whichever you choose as the best wine opener for old corks, it has to be worth the price. Look at the features of the opener and match them up to the price.

There are some models that would be expensive, but not worth the money. For the same features and operation it offers, you can get a cheaper model.

Also, consider the brand. Established brands will always cost more, so that is something that you should keep in mind always.

The Size

If you are a frequent traveler, then you would be looking for a compact wine opener. It would be something that fits in your pocket or the travel bag. It should also be lightweight so that it does not feel like a baggage having it in your pocket.

If you need something for home use, then going for a larger wine opener should be ideal. This will allow you to open any type of cork with ease at home.


The material used to make the wine opener goes a long way to determine its durability. No one wants to keep buying new wine openers after every few months. It is why you need to take time to understand its durability.

Most would have a stainless-steel metal construction. This type of material is known for its durability and does not corrode. If the model contains some plastic parts, make sure they are strong and will not break down easily.

Electric or Manual

You are likely to come across electric and the classic design of wine openers. Just because it is electric, it does not make it better. You also need to look at its efficiency and operation for being an electric model.

Still on electric wine openers, look at the battery capacity. If it can open several bottles on a single charge, then it can be an ideal choice for a party.

The manual wine openers are still good. It comes down to how they are built and their opening efficiency. You can always go for a model that opens the wine bottles faster rather than one you have to struggle too much.

Top 5 Best Wine Openers for Old Corks

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: MIMI’S & FIFI’S Wine Accessories Wine Bottle Opener Corkscrew

Product Name: MIMI’S & FIFI’S Wine Accessories Wine Bottle Opener Corkscrew

Product Description: There is no doubt that having a reliable bottle opener would make your life a lot better. It is why people are always on the look out for the best wine openers for old corks. For this model, it stands out for being easy to use. In just five short steps of setting up the bottle opener, the old cork will be easily removed from the bottle. Even those who have problems with their hands such as arthritis, then this is the corkscrew that you need. It will make it easy to open the bottle quickly in just a few seconds compared to some other models in the market. If you have a friend who loves wine, then this is a nice gift option. Its design on overall makes it to stand out as something premium. The manufacturer uses metal construction to make it even more durable. This is something you will be using for years down the line. Its beautiful design makes it just nice to look at. Even if you are not using it, the wine bottle opener can be a nice show piece in a room.

Availability: InStock


Those who always experience pain in their hands because of arthritis should find this corkscrew a top choice. This is because it is generally easy to operate compared to some other models in the market.

It is also built with durability in mind. As such, it will last for years without disintegrating like other models in the market. The last thing you want is to buy new wine bottle openers all the time.

With its lifetime guarantee, you are sure that you are buying a high-quality product that will live up to your needs for the best corkscrew.

  • Quality
  • Sturdiness
  • Finish
  • Ease of Use
  • Portability


✔️It is an easy to use corkscrew

✔️It is great for people with hand pain

✔️The corkscrew is built for durability


❌The metal polishing gets dull after a while

Runner’s Up

Coutale Sommelier Double Lever Wine Bottle Opener

One thing that makes this a great wine bottle opener should be its design. It is even patented for its double-lever design. This just goes on to show the work that goes into making it the best wine opener for old corks.

The frame and handle are both made of stainless-steel metal. The aim is to keep it as durable as possible. There is also the natural wood on the handle to finish it off. As such, it should stand out as a great option to own today to enjoy the best looks and functionality too.

Other than being a wine opener, it also comes with a stainless steel serrated knife. The knife makes it a versatile product for most people. They would be able to use it for various applications where the knife can be used together with the wine opener.

The wine opener design generally makes it easy to use. Even if you are new to using the wine opener, it is straightforward easy to handle.

EZBASICS Electric Wine Operator Set

This is a chance for you to opt for something different. This the best wine operator for old corks if you want something electric. We all know how a wine opener would make your job a lot easier.

The unique automatic function of the opener will make opening of the cork a lot faster and easy. You can be sure that it will take only a few seconds to remove even the old cork with this unit.

When it is fully charge, it can open up to 40 bottles with ease. So, if you need to open more wine bottles at a party, you now know what to use.

The model comes with a durable and fashionable design. Having the stainless-steel housing makes it durable for you to use over the years. There is also the transparent shell that will help you see that the cork is entirely removed.

The stylish blue LED light is a nice addition to the design and functionality of the opener. It will illuminate each time you use the wine opener. The wine opener can also work as a charging indicator light. It will stop shining when the charging is complete.

Le Creuset Activ-Ball Metal Corkscrew

If you are still in the market for the best wine opener for old corks, this is still a great choice. This is a self-pulling table corkscrew for opening the standard and flange-top wine bottles. As such, it will stand out for being a highly versatile corkscrew to own right now.

Another thing you will like about the corkscrew should be its internal flex system. It will safely grip the bottleneck so that you have more leverage for removing the cork from the bottle. Within a couple of seconds, you would have removed the cork from the wine bottle.

The soft-touch panels are important for that secure grip too. The last thing you want is to break the wine bottle when trying to open it.

Having the high-quality metal construction is a sure way of knowing that you are buying a quality product. Even after several years of using the wine opener, it will still be looking good.

This wine opener is also Teflon-coated to make it easy for retrieving the cork. Another feature that makes this possible is the activ-ball technology.

Gra De Vino Electric Wine Operator

The overall design of this best wine opener for old corks stands out for being unique. On opening the package, you would see that the manufacturer put a lot of thought into it. As such, it would be a nice choice to gift your wine lovers.

The product is polished, looks modern, and it is made of high-quality stainless-steel metal. There is also the transparent corkscrew casing to make you enjoy the unscrewing action on the bottle.

Being electric, it comes with the rechargeable battery. The aim is to make it easily portable so that you can take it anywhere with you and enjoy opening those wine bottles.

To make it even better, it comes with a foil cutter as part of its construction. You should then find it being a versatile wine opener for the money.

As for its operation, you do not have to do much. Simply set it up as instructed by the manufacturer and push the button to activate it. Within a couple of seconds, you should have the cork removed from the bottle.


Is it easy to use a wine opener?

On average, the wine openers are easy to use. You simply have to follow the instructions as given by the manufacturer and remove the cork so that you can enjoy the wine. Even for electric models, you will find them being generally easy to use.

Are electric wine openers worth getting today?

It depends on your needs for a wine opener. There are times you just want the operation to be fast and efficient. That is something you can easily get with an electric wine opener. It is why more people would easily go for an electric wine opener today.

Are wine openers durable?

Yes. Most of them would have a metal construction that makes them good for durability. Always look at which metal is used for making the wine opener. If it is steel, then you know that the model would last for decades with regular use.


Having the best wine opener for old corks will make it easier to get to your wine faster. We have looked at several options above to make it easier to get the right model. You can opt for the manual or the electric models. Whichever that you choose from the options above, just know it would be worth the money.

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