Small Wine Glasses For Tasting

Some wine glasses will perform better than others. Why they do have some science behind it. You may be asking what the best small wine glasses for tasting are? Drinking wine from whatever vessel you want is your personal choice. It can be a wine glass, mason jar, or even a coffee mug. If you’re really in a hurry, you can even drink straight from the bottle. However, utilizing the right glass can enhance the taste of the wine. It won’t cause you to break the bank either.

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What Are Wine Tasting Glasses? — small wine glasses for tasting

Small Wine Glasses For Tasting

When it comes to wine, it is easy to have a debate about the ideal stemware. Many connoisseurs claim that each wine will need a specific glass. Others argue that the right type of glass is good for all wines. However, the truth is, according to ISO standards, there is only one type of wine tasting glass.

The standard has requirements for the shape and size of the glass and other factors. To be detailed about it, small wine glasses for tasting must have an elongated shape, and the cup should have support such as a stem resting on the base. The glass’s opening also has to be narrower compared to the body to bring out the bouquet’s full flavors. 

Aside from the shape and physical features, the standard also has a requirement for the volume.

A glass with a capacity for 7.27 oz. is considered a universal glass by sommeliers, professional tasters, and even wine critics worldwide. This is a bit like the one ring that rules them all. If you have this type of glass, it is perfect for all kinds of wine, including reds, whites, and fortified wines. Some even claim that sparkling wine is improved in this glass.

Different Types of Wine Tasting Glasses– small wine glasses for tasting

Small Wine Glasses For Tasting

As mentioned, finding the ideal wine tasting glass is quite simple. There are tons of stemware on the market, and many wineries, wine shops, and wine tasting rooms utilize different types of stemware for different types of wine.

Red Wine Tasting Glasses

Most wineries and tasting rooms use classical red wine glasses when marketing red wine to their guests. These glasses are a large cup with thin rims and a wider mouth than the standard glass. This aids in quicker vibration of the wine, which improves the aroma and enhances the taste perception.

White Wine Tasting Glasses

Glasses utilized for white wine will have different features. White wine tasting glasses have a more elongated cup and a narrower rim. This feature can focus on the fresh aroma of the beverage at the glass’s top, which highlights the crisp or sweet flavor. Additionally, a narrow rim also reduces its wine’s acidity. When it comes to the size, these glasses are typically medium-sized.

Sparkling Wine Tasting Glasses

Flutes are the stemware of choice when it comes to serving sparkling white. The longer shape is ideal for holding the fizz of sparkling wine, and they are designed specially to maintain the bubbles. This gives you the chance to feel the fullness of the bubbly texture in your mouth.

Fortified Wine Tasting Glasses

Because of the high levels of alcohol, fortified wines are best served and tasted in smaller glasses that can emphasize the drink’s fruity tones. Although small wine glasses for tasting are tinier, the glass should still have a stem and be adequately sized enough to allow for swirling.

How to Choose Wine Tasting Glasses– small wine glasses for tasting

Small Wine Glasses For Tasting

Glass Type

You can select the right wine tasting glass based on your wine of choice. If you adore reds and are not really interested in whites, a classical red wine glass is a deal. The same holds for all other types of wines.

If you are just beginning to appreciate wines and want to taste as many variations as possible, choose a classical winetasting glass described by the ISO. 


In this case, the choice is not complicated. Go for a glass or crystal. There are tons of plastic or polymer stemware that are found on the market and advertised as a winetasting glass. Well, these can be used for informal settings such as open-air festivals, but they are not really an ideal winetasting glass.

As mentioned before, the material will not change the taste of the wine, but it does alter your individual perception of it. To enjoy the bouquet and flavor fully, it is crucial to choose glass or crystal stemware.

Stem or Stemless

Another argument is whether to go stem or stemless. If you have any doubts, you should check the ISO standards. If the ISO requires a stem, there must be a good reason for it. The reason is simple. The stem’s presence allows you to hold the glass without increasing the temperature of the liquid. The stem is not just there for design.

When it comes to stemless glass, your body’s heat will increase the temperature of the liquid, which can alter its characteristics. For a premium tasting experience, choose the best and ideal stemware.

Functions of the different glasses of wine– small wine glasses for tasting

There are many different wine glasses on the market, and you’ll find that certain shapes can make a huge difference when enjoying certain types of wine.

Overall, it really doesn’t matter if your glass comes with a stem or stemless. It is more crucial to pay attention to the vessel’s shape, which plays a huge role in collecting aromas and deposits the wine into your mouth. 

White Wine Glasses

White wines are typically served in small wine glasses for tasting. The advantage of smaller glasses is:

  • It preserves the floral aromas.
  • Helps maintain a cold temperature.
  • The glass can express the acidity of the wine better.
  • Smaller glasses deliver more aromas due to the nose’s proximity.

You might notice that white wines with a full body like Chardonnay and Orange wines are better with a glass with a larger bowl. A larger bowl can give a creamy texture better emphasis because of the wider mouth.

Red Wine Glasses

The option of a red wine glass has a lot to do with reducing the bitterness of tannin or spicy flavors present in the wine. This type of glass delivers a smoother taste.

After several years of tasting wines from different glasses, it can be noticed that red wines tend to have a smoother taste from a glass with a wider opening. However, the distance to the actual fluid will affect what you smell.

Large Bordeaux Glass

This type of glass shape is ideal with bolder red wines such as Cabernet, Sauvignon, and Bordeaux blends.

  • This type of glass delivers higher levels of aroma compounds versus the burn of ethanol from being at a farther distance from the nose. 
  • The larger surface area lets ethanol evaporate.
  • The wider mouth makes wines taste smoother.
  • This is the standard red wine glass.

A large Bordeaux glass is ideal for medium to full-bodied red wines with spicy tones and high alcohol content.

Spices are softened because the flavors trigger your tongue more progressively due to the smaller opening. Try this glass for wines like Zinfandel, Shiraz, and Malbec.

Bourgogne Glass

This type of glass is ideal for lighter and more delicate red wines with subtler aromas. The larger mouth helps focus all the aromas. You can try out this glass shape with wines such as Pinot noir and Valpolicella. 

Specialty Wine Glasses

You may find a good reason to pick up a few pieces of specialty wine glasses, depending on what you typically drink the most.

As an example, some will find a Port glass indispensable. Its smaller size and narrow mouth minimize evaporation since it has a high alcohol content.

Universal Glasses

A few glass manufacturers will offer a universal glass.

Choosing universal glasses is ideal for space-saving and practicality. You may not want to be bothered with all the specialty shapes. Choose a glass brand that has exceptional quality. You can find them at $30 per stem. You don’t have to be fussy about the minimal differences in taste delivery.

However, if you only drink bold reds, you might be better off with a huge sized Bordeaux glass.

Top three small wine glasses for tasting




These glasses are also ideal for daily use. They can enhance your wine party and are great for use during lunch or dinner. This small wine glasses for tasting is made in the USA and utilizes lead-free materials. They are safe to use by both adults and teens for alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks.

This small wine glasses for tasting is hassle-free to clean since they are dishwasher safe. This gives you the guarantee of a quick and easy cleanup, making them the best choice for all uses and occasions.

  • Material
  • Durability
  • Design


  • For everyday use
  • Made lead-free in the USA
  • Durable and dishwasher safe


  • No negative reviews so far

Runners Up

Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Pure Collection

Small Wine Glasses For Tasting

This small wine glasses for tasting is manufactured by a German company which innovates in Crystal glass stemware. The brand has produced a wide variety of wine glasses created to improve and highlight the qualities of specific variations of wine.

This collection of small wine glasses for tasting includes five stemware sets. Each of them has six winetasting glasses of various sizes, capacities and shapes. As an example, the Sauvignon Blanc glasses will have a capacity of 13.8 ounces. They are 9 inches tall and 3 inches wide. This size has been created specifically for this wine, making this stemware ideal for this type of wine tasting.

Whatever collection you choose, all pure glasses are impressive with their angled bowl and elongated slim stem. These features make the glass a true top-quality design, and they are a match to contemporary interiors and sophisticated winetasting rooms.

These small wine glasses for tasting are created from Tritan crystal. This material is patented and is a mix of titanium oxide and zircon oxide. These materials mixed together to improve the strength of the glass, making chips, scratches, and breaks minimal. Without a doubt, these small wine glasses for tasting are your best choice if you’re looking for something stylish and elegant.

Ravenscroft Crystal Essentials International Tasting Glass


If there is one glass for all occasions, these small wine glasses for tasting is one of those. It is created specifically for wine tasting of different types. The glasses included in this set are suitable for tasting events and even for home celebrations.

The capacity of this small wine glasses for tasting is 7.75 ounces. It is a standard size. The glass is 6 inches tall and is an ideal size to improve both fresh whites and aged reds’ aroma. Additionally, the glass is ideal for serving and tasting wines that are fortified.

These small wine glasses for tasting have top-notch quality and are created from lead-free crystal. They have improved strength, are scratch-resistant, and are created to last for the long-term. When it comes to cleaning them up, the glasses are guaranteed dishwasher safe and are easy to clean manually.

Another top consideration when choosing this set is convenience. These small wine glasses for tasting comes in a set of 12 glasses and is offered at a more affordable price. So, if you are searching for the ultimate universal wine glass at the best price point, this brand may just be your best option.

Final Thoughts

Many enthusiasts claim that the wineglass improves their appreciation of wine. There are specific wine glasses for each variety of wine. Small wine glasses for tasting have a special quality and are ideal for certain types of wine. For example, they are ideal for wines that have higher alcohol content. If you consume a certain type of wine more than others, it would be helpful to have a special glass specifically created for it. Your appreciation and perception of the wine will be enhanced, giving you a better wine tasting experience.

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