The Best Wine Glass for Pinot Noir Buying Guide and Top 5 Glasses

It is common that sometimes people might dismiss the wine glass shape, design, and size when it comes to picking the best wine glass for Pinot Noir. However, designing a wine glass is an important science we should all know about.

When you drink Pinot Noir from different glasses, that is when you can start to appreciate the wine glass design. If you are new to drinking Pinot Noir, our guide should have some of the best wine glasses that you can get today for the wine.

First, let us see what you should consider when choosing the best wine glass for Pinot Noir.

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ROD Wine Red Wine Glasses Check Price
Season Story Large Tall Red Wine Glasses Check Price
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How to Choose the Best Wine Glass for Pinot Noir

The Bowl Shape

The bowl shape impacts the wine’s surface area which in turn influences things as such as the aroma and flavor. Having a wider bowl means that much of the wine gets exposed to the air and more aroma is released to reach the nose. It is vice versa for the narrower wine glasses.

Since Pinot Noir is red wine, we then recommend that you go for the wine glasses with a wider bowl. The result is that you can now enjoy more flavors from the wine to make the taste even better.

The Stem

There are times you can encounter the wine glass having a stem while others will not have the stem. Choosing between these two is often a personal preference. There are those who might opt for one with a stem while others the stemless.

You should keep in mind that the temperature from your hand can warm up the wine because you are holding the wine bowl directly. This makes the stemless glass to be ideal for white wine rather than red wine. If you want to drink Pinot Noir, consider the stemmed wine glass.

Rim Shape and Thickness

The best wine glass for Pinot Noir needs to have a certain shape and thickness for the rim to make it better in terms of drinking the wine.

The thickness of the rim will impact how the wine is directed and flows on the tongue when drinking the wine. Having a wine glass with a thin rim will make the wine to flow smoothly onto the tongue. The thicker rims can inhibit the smooth flow of the wine and easily accentuate the acidity in the wine.

Material Quality and Safety

Another consideration for the best wine glass for Pinot Noir is the material quality. You need something that is safe and high quality too. Look at the materials that the manufacturer uses to make the wine glass before deciding if the wine glass is safe.

If the manufacturer uses crystal glass, then check to see if it lead-free. The last thing you need is lead leaching into the wine over time. This can cause unwanted health problems.

Ease of Cleaning

Of course, you would have to clean the wine glasses at some point. This is where you need to consider how easy or hard it is to clean the wine glass. Depending on the wine glass, there are those that will be dishwasher safe. This should make your work of cleaning the wine glass a lot easier.

Top 5 Best Wine Glasses for Pinot Noir

Our Top Pick

Runner’s Up

Season Story Large Tall Red Wine Glasses

The manufacturer made this one to have a special design thus stand out as the best wine glass for pinot noir. When you use this type of wine glass, you will get that the taste is better and feels worthy investing your money to get such wine glasses.

The wine glass on overall has a distinguishing style and design than what you get with other models in the market. The design makes it an ideal choice for serving family dinner and hold small celebrations with friends who might enjoy the same.

For the mouth size of 3.1 inches in diameter, you will find it being easy to clean. The last thing you would want is to drink from a dirty wine glass. Since it is also dishwasher safe, you can easily have it cleaned with the other utensils in the kitchen. Just keep in mind that the widest part is 4.3 inches and its height is 9.2 inches.

You can still use it as a gift to those people who like wine. When you enjoy red wine, then you need the best wine glasses for the job. These two should make their wine tasting experience better.

Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Pure Stemware Red Wine Glass

The use of tritan crystal glass makes this the best wine glass for Pinot Noir as it can stand up to any durability issues. The manufacturer uses titanium and zirconium oxide as part of strengthening this wine glass. As a result, the glass is resistant to chipping, breakage, thermal shock, and scratching.

Because of its material, then you can use this wine glass for various parties without worrying that they might break easily when people drop them.

Still, the model is great to stand out for its design. It is why some might get them for the sake of collecting. Its sharp and crisp lines make it have a great look while at the same time remain functional. You will also feel that the wine glass has an excellent balance in the hand.

You will like using this wine glass because it is dishwasher safe. Just make sure you set it up correctly in the dishwasher so that you do not end up breaking it.

The glasses are made in Germany with the best craftmanship and technology. The result is that you can use it for Pinot Noir and other types of red wines.

Luxbe – Crystal Wine Glasses Set of 4

This is going to be a great choice for full-bodied red wines. Since the set comes with four wine glasses, you should have enough for you to enjoy with your family. Having the tapered rim helps in directing the flow of wine to the front of the palate. As such, you will end up with the best flavor you have always wanted.

Another important thing you like is the modern shape. Having this type of shape will make the wine to taste exquisitely. Also, the aromas and flavors are better unlocked because of the overall size of the glasses. This is where there is enough space for the wine to breathe.

Well, the 20 fl. Oz. size makes it good for enjoying the wine better and for longer. This is because you do not have to keep refilling the wine in the glass. You should have enough to last you for longer.

Another reason for buying this set is that it comes made of top-quality material. The glassware undergoes the best craftmanship so that you can end up with a beautiful pure crystal wine glass.

The best part is that it is made of lead-free crystal. This type of material will make the wine glass to be safe to use over the years.

AOOE Crystal Red Win Glasses

If you want something exclusive, then this should be a nice consideration for you too. This best wine glass for Pinot Noir is hand blown to make it stand out from the others in the market. It was crafted using a technique that has been around for thousands of years. As such, you end up with something unique and functional.

The manufacturer also made it using the finest crystal material. This is by eliminating the lead content so that your glass is safe. No more worries that lead might start leaching into the wine over the years when using this type of glass.

The design goes further than just looks. The bowl design is meant to keep the wine glass good in terms of offering the best tasting experience of the wine. Even for its size, there will be no need to keep refilling as it is enough to last you for longer.

Because of the rim size, it is also easy to clean. You can always ensure that the wine glass is clean and ready for the next time you want to enjoy the wine.


What should you look for in a red wine glass?

You should always consider the size of the wine glass. The wine glass needs to have a larger bowl. Having the large bowl means that more wine will be exposed to the air for better breathing. It should also be a stemmed glass to prevent warming up the wine.

Do wine glasses make a big difference when drinking wine?

Yes. The best way would be to try out different glasses with varying designs and sizes. You will quickly note that there are some differences from the way the wine tastes. As such, you would need to get the best wine glass for your wine type.

Why does wine taste better with a thin rim?

The wine will taste better because the thin rim allows for a smooth flow of wine onto your tongue. You are always going to enjoy drinking the wine this way more often than when using a wine glass with a thick rim.


From the guide above, you must have learned more about what makes a glass better for Pinot Noir. As such, you should take the time to pick the correct one for any other type of wine next time. Not all glasses are built the same, so always use the glass type for the right wine type too.

All the glasses we have mentioned above are what people would consider because of their design, safety, size, and more. You can also pick the one that you feel will give you the best wine tasting experience. Always look at the features in detail before making up your mind.

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