Wine Sleeves For Airplane Travel

If you travel to a wine country, you may want to bring home wine as a souvenir. You may want to take home some wine for your own collection or to gift a friend or colleague. There are several wine sleeves for airplane travel that can help you transport your precious cargo. These wine sleeves for airplane travel decreases the likelihood that the wine bottle in your luggage will get damaged. Your other cargo is likewise protected from spills that can come from cracked wine bottles.

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Wine Bags for Travel– wine sleeves for airplane travel

Wine Sleeves For Airplane Travel

A majority of wine bottle bags are created to protect wine bottles placed inside the luggage. These wine sleeves for airplane travel are ideal when you want to travel with more than two bottles of wine in your luggage.

These wine sleeves keep your bottled wines from breaking during rough travel and handling. They provide cushioning and protection for the delicate bottle. They also protect your other packed items as well as the bottle’s label.

Alternatives to Plastic Wine Sleeves– wine sleeves for airplane travel

A majority of wine sleeves for airplane travel are made of plastic. However, if you prefer non-plastic material, there are other options. One key to protecting the bottle from breaking is to make sure that your bag is fully packed so that the bottle is not moving around inside a suitcase during travel. In case you have forgotten to bring along wine sleeves for airplane travel you can utilize hiking socks to shield the bottle and its label during travel. Choose thick socks made of cotton, and it will serve its purpose well. Utilizing these socks is simple, put the wine bottle inside one sock and then place the second sock over the top of the bottle.

Frequently asked questions about wine sleeves for airplane travel

Wine Sleeves For Airplane Travel

Can you put bottles of wine in your checked luggage?

Yes, it is allowed. Airline rules don’t put any restriction on checked wine as long as the alcohol content is under 24%. Most wines will have an alcohol content between 10 to 14%. You have the assurance that you can check in your wine bottles. However, make sure to keep it out of your carry-on.

How many bottles of wine are allowed per suitcase?

You can fit as many wine bottles in your checked luggage as you want as long as you’re not going over the airline’s weight limit. If your luggage does go over the weight restrictions, you will have to pay for the extra bulk. 

Be assured that the airlines won’t confiscate your wine. Unlike other high proof alcohol, airline rules don’t restrict how much wine you put in your luggage. But if you are in an international travel route, you may want to make sure if your departure country has any restrictions. However, any rules will only probably involve paying duties.

How can you pack a bottle of wine a suitcase safely?

The ideal way to pack wine in a suitcase is to use specifically designed wine sleeves for airplane travel to protect the bottles. Usually, these all have parts that will hold the bottles in place and keep them from breaking during rough transits. If you only need to carry a bottle or two, a wine sleeve is your best bet. These wine sleeves are reusable and can be packed easily. Not only do they prevent breakage, but they also manage the spills if a bottle does break inside your luggage.

Do I have to declare I am carrying wine at customs?

Yes, you must declare the wine you are carrying at customs. In the United States, customs will allow you to bring 1 L of wine without duties. If you bring more than the said amount, you will have to pay the duties and taxes. Although there are no limits or rules as to how much you can bring into the US, each state will have its own restrictions, so be sure to check. Additionally, you might raise some red flags if you transport more than 12 bottles. This may seem like you are smuggling wine to sell, and not just having something for dinner.

Can you put wine on a carry-on suitcase?

When it comes to carry-on luggage, all liquids are restricted. They are monitored at the security checkpoint. Since wine is a liquid, it is restricted. 

You can carry liquids and bottles that are 100 mm and smaller. These travel size bottles must be placed inside a 1 quart-sized bag. 

This bag is usually identified as a toiletries bag, so there is nothing to stop you from bringing alcohol as long as it is under 70% alcohol by volume. You can bring small wine bottles that are 3.4 oz in your carry-on luggage.

Can you place the wine in checked luggage?

You might be familiar with a rule that you can only take five liters of alcohol per person in a piece of checked luggage. This rule applies for alcohol that is between 24% and 70% alcohol per volume. This rule applies for liquor or spirits with higher alcohol content and not exactly a rule that is applied for your typical bottle of wine.

Wine will have an alcohol content between 11% and 13%. There are really no quantity limits on packaging wine in check luggage since it will be under 24% alcohol by volume. Even Port and Sherry is not strong enough and will only be 20%, so it doesn’t break the rules.

However, it is crucial that you are within the legal drinking age to carry wine with you on the flight. You also have to consider the weight of your wine bottles.

You should be aware that wine is heavy and you may go over the weight limits and have to pay charges if you are not cautious.

Although airport security personnel will let you take a suitcase full of wine with the extra weight, you will have to pay additional fees. You are allowed 50 pounds for a typical checked bag. 

Other items

An empty suitcase will likely weigh around 10 pounds. You also have to factor in the clothes and shoes and other accessories you are bringing. Bottles of wine will weigh around 3 pounds, so it is very easy for you to go over the 50-pound weight limit. 

It would help if you also considered customs. If you have more than one liter of wine with you from a foreign country, you will need to pay taxes. This is especially true if you purchased the wine at a duty-free shop before going on in international flight. The duty-free will only refer to the duty dues to the origin country where you purchased the wine. You will still need to pay duties when you get back to the US.

If you are flying internationally from the US, you should check the import rules of your target country. Typically, you will be allowed to pack wine in your luggage, but you are required to declare it and pay duties at your destination point.

How to DIY– wine sleeves for airplane travel

Wine Sleeves For Airplane Travel

if you want to opt to DIY, you can utilize your clothing and shoes to make a barrier between the bottom and sides of your luggage. 

Put each bottle in a few pieces of clothing or even better use a plastic bag bubble wrap or disposable diaper. Pay special attention to the bottle’s fragile neck then place the wrapped bottle at the center of your travel luggage.

If you are bringing along more than two bottles, separate them with clothing, so they don’t touch each other. Put the rest of your clothes on top of the bottles and pack your suitcase as tightly as you can. Do this to keep the wines from bumping into each other. Although this technique isn’t perfect, it has helped a lot of wine lovers who travel with their bottles to avoid spillage.

Top 3 wine sleeves for airplane travel



Product Name: Stntus Innovations Wine Bottle Protectors

Product Description: These wine sleeves for airplane travel store flatly so they will not take up much room in your suitcase when they are empty. However, the downside with this wine sleeves for airplane travel is they need to be inflated for you to use them. It may be a little inconvenient, but the result is you will get the most cushioning for your wine bottles. These wine sleeves for airplane travel are not sealed, so you don’t have optimum protection against spills in case the bottle breaks. However, the process of inflating the bag will create such a powerful cushioning that there is little worry that leaks will ever happen. One huge advantage to these wine sleeves for airplane travel is that the air-cushioning is far superior to bubble wrap.

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This wine sleeves for airplane travel gives all-around protection and bottles are safe and secure with a leakproof design. You are guaranteed a hassle-free experience, and you don’t have to pack wine in towels or clothes. Just place each bottle into the wine sleeves for airplane travel which is made from high-quality PE and PA.

These wine sleeves for airplane travel are compact and flat until you need to inflate them. Everything is small-sized, including the pump. Once the bag is inflated, it provides superior cushioning to every bottle. Have peace of mind at all your bottles will arrive in one piece. This is the best way to travel with wine.

  • Material
  • Durability
  • Portability


  • Bottles safe and secure by the leak-proof design
  • They are flat pack until you need them
  •  Easy to inflate


  • No negative reviews so far

Runners Up

FlyingTrav Travel Wine Bags

Wine Sleeves For Airplane Travel

The FlyingTrav wine sleeves for airplane travel will have a different design and comes with a pump for inflatable style bags.

The inner bag of this wine sleeves for airplane travel is essentially a wine bottle-shaped bag that utilizes two layers of bubble wrap to provide cushioning to the bottle.

The outer layer of this wine sleeves for airplane travel functions to protect other items in the luggage against spills in case there is a breakage. You get additional security with a double Ziploc in the Velcro wrap to stop liquid from spilling out of the wine sleeves for airplane travel in case it gets damaged during transport. 

Since the cushioning of this wine sleeves for airplane travel depends on the bubble wrap, there is no need to inflate the bags using a pump. Thus, you don’t have to bring the pump, and that is one space freed in your luggage. But, the bubble wrap is not a guaranteed cushioning. You may get better protection if you use these wine sleeves for airplane travel in combination with chunky clothes to give your wine bottles the ultimate cushioning. 

These wine sleeves for airplane travel are versatile, Eco friendly and reusable. It can keep any bottled item in your travel bag secure and firmly cushioned. With these wine sleeves for airplane travel, you save money in the long run. You don’t have to use single-use plastic that harm the environment.

Jet Bag Protective Bottle Bags


Traveling with bottles of wine and other liquids is a complicated process. The strict security and restrictions mean that your wine bottles may end up in your checked luggage. This can be a tricky situation since how do you make sure that your wine bottles are protected once they are thrown on rough luggage belts and banged inside airplanes?

These wine sleeves for airplane travel is the answer. The jet bag wine sleeves for airplane travel is an ideal way to transport your wine or any other liquids in your suitcase when you travel. It is resealable, recyclable, and reusable with a zip-lock closure. The jet bag wine sleeves for airplane travel secures all your liquids. It has a protective lining and absorbent materials and pads that help shield your bottles from breakages. In case the worst happens, this wine sleeves for airplane travel absorb the liquid so it will not damage other items in your luggage.

The jet bag wine sleeves for airplane travel is an inexpensive and lightweight solution that can give you the optimum protection for delicate bottles. You can use these wine sleeves for airplane travel for any fragile items not limited to wine. You can use this to transport liquor, perfume, vinegar, and any liquid contained in a breakable bottle.

Final thoughts

When you travel you probably want to take the flavors of the country you visited. Ensure that these bottled luxuries are protected in wine sleeves for airplane travel. Purchasing protection, especially for bottles gives you peace of mind. Your souvenir should arrive at your destination in one piece. Many things can happen during transit. It is highly likely that your bottles will suffer abuse and rough handling. Thus, you must get wine sleeves for airplane travel when you go to a wine country. Wine sleeves can protect these precious mementos. 

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