Best Red Wine To Lower Cholesterol

The key ingredient in red wine that makes the heart-healthy is resveratrol. It is crucial to get a heads up on the facts and buzz about red wine and how it benefits your heart. Drinking red wine in moderation has long been assumed to be healthy for the heart. The best red wine to lower cholesterol contains antioxidants that help reduce the possibility of coronary artery disease. This condition leads to heart attacks.

It is not completely understood why there is a link between red wines and fewer heart attacks. However, part of the benefit is attributed to the antioxidants in red wine, which increases the number of HDL, otherwise known as the good cholesterols. These are a protective factor against cholesterol buildup. However, doctors don’t recommend that you begin drinking alcohol for your heart health, especially if you have a history of alcohol addiction in the family. Drinking too much alcohol can have many risks that ultimately harm the body. However, if you enjoy a glass of red wine now and then with your evening meal, many studies tell that drinking in moderation helps the heart.

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How is red wine heart healthy? — best red wine to lower cholesterol

Best Red Wine To Lower Cholesterol

Antioxidants present in red wine are called polyphenols. These substances help protect the blood vessel’s lining in your heart. A type of polyphenol called resveratrol is one type of substance in red wine that has recently gotten a lot of attention for its purported health benefits.

Alcohol, by itself, seems to have a protective factor when consumed moderately. 

Resveratrol in red wine

Resveratrol in red wine can help minimize damage to blood vessels and reduce LDL, otherwise known as the bad cholesterol, and ultimately prevent clots in the blood.

But, some studies on resveratrol have mixed outcomes. A few research pieces reveal that resveratrol may be linked to a low risk of inflammation and blood clotting, which can reduce your risk for heart disease. However, other studies show no benefits from resveratrol in stopping heart disease.

There is a need for more substantial research to determine if resveratrol does lower the risk of inflammation and clotting of the blood.

Resveratrol in grapes, supplements, and other foods

Resveratrol in red wine is harvested from grapes’ skin, and it is used to create wine. Since red wine is fermented with the grape skins and longer compared to white wine, red wines will have a higher amount of resveratrol.

However, simply eating grapes or drinking plain grape juice is a good way to get resveratrol into your body without having to drink alcohol. Red and purple grape juice have comparable heart-healthy benefits as red wine.

Other superfoods such as blueberries and cranberries also have high amounts of resveratrol. It is not yet determined how beneficial eating grapes and other types of food might be compared to drinking red wine when it comes to heart health. Amounts of resveratrol in foods and red wine can vary.

There are also resveratrol supplements on the market. Overall, no research shows that there is any harm in taking resveratrol in supplement form. However, the body finds it difficult to absorb resveratrol as a supplement.

How might alcohol help the heart? — best red wine to lower cholesterol

Best Red Wine To Lower Cholesterol

Evidence is still not clear if beer, white wine, and any other liqueur are better than red wine when promoting a healthy heart. 

Many studies show that moderate amounts of all types of alcohol can be beneficial to the heart. These benefits are not exclusive to red wine alone.

  • Alcohol raises HDL or the good cholesterol
  • alcohol reduces the formation of blood clots
  • it reduces damage in the arteries caused by LDL, which are the bad cholesterols
  • it can improve the function of the layer of cells on your blood vessels
  • however, it is crucial to drink in moderation or non-at all

Red wine has the potential for heart health benefits, and other alcoholic drinks also have promise. People who drink moderate amounts of alcohol, such as red wine, seem to have reduced heart disease risk.

But it is crucial to understand that studies comparing moderate drinkers to nondrinkers might exaggerate the benefits of moderate drinking since non-drinkers might already have health problems, to begin with.

More research is needed before it can be concluded that red wine is far better for your health than other alcohol types such as beer or white spirits.

Experts from the American Heart Association do not recommend drinking alcohol as a therapy for heart disease. Alcohol is addictive and can promote and worsen other health problems.

Drinking too much alcohol increases your risk of:

Best Red Wine To Lower Cholesterol
  • Liver and pancreas diseases
  • It may ultimately lead to heart failure
  • You will have an increased risk of high blood pressure
  • It can make you vulnerable to certain types of cancer
  • Too much drinking can lead to stroke
  • Impaired perception can lead you to have accidents become violent and suicidal
  • Drinking can lead to weight gain and obesity
  • Avoid alcohol completely if you:
  • avoid alcohol if you are pregnant
  • steer clear from alcoholic drinks if you have a family history of alcoholism
  • avoid it if you have liver or pancreas disease as associated with drinking alcohol
  • keep off alcohol if you have heart failure or a weak heart
  • drinking alcohol might conflict with certain medications

It is crucial to talk to your doctor about the benefits and risks of alcohol. They can give you tailored recommendations.

  • In case you already drink wine, make sure you drink moderately. If you are a healthy adult, this translates to:
  • have one drink a day for women of all ages
  • for men older than age 65 drink up to one glass in a day
  • You can drink two drinks a day if you are a man age 65 and younger. There is a higher limit for men because men generally weigh more than women and have more enzymes that can break down alcohol.

5 Red Wine and Heart Health facts– best red wine to lower cholesterol

Red wine is an antioxidant

Red wine does contain antioxidants which can enhance cholesterol and aid you in maintaining healthy blood pressure.

However, you want to make sure that you are not drinking too much red wine to the point that the alcohol diminishes the protective benefits. If you want to get higher levels of antioxidants in your diet, talk to a doctor or dietitian about antioxidant-rich diets and supplements.

Red wine lowers cholesterol

Keeping your cholesterol within healthy levels is crucial if you want to minimize the risk of heart disease. A study published in Clinical nutrition reveals that red wine increases the good cholesterols. Nonalcoholic red wine decrees the levels of LDL or bad cholesterol. At the same time, LDL levels stay within the same range as people who drank alcoholic red wine. Try to keep this fact in mind when you order a glass of red wine for dinner.

Red wine lowers blood pressure

There is no definite evidence which links red wine lowers blood pressure. If your red wine has alcohol content, it may actually raise blood pressure. However, since alcohol relaxes people, it can have the potential to reduce your blood pressure slightly but only for a short period. If you have chronic hypertension, it won’t help. It is crucial to consult your doctor about other means to lower your blood pressure, such as exercising and eating a diet rich with fatty acids.

Red wine reduces your risk for heart attack

Red wine and other types of alcohol can increase the risk of heart diseases and stroke, according to the American Heart Association. However, it is crucial to note that this does decrease over time. As long as you are drinking moderate amounts of alcohol of one drink per day for women and two drinks for men, red wine will ultimately not be harmful to your health.

So, if you consume large amounts of alcohol, which include red wine, you are at an increased risk for cardiovascular diseases and stroke. It is crucial to minimize the amount of alcohol you drink to bring back your body’s health.

Red wine is good for everyone

Alcohol will have different effects on men and women, so they should drink it differently. One glass of wine per day is already a huge amount for women, whereas men shouldn’t drink more than two glasses per day.

It is best to drink red wine moderately since, at this range, it has beneficial effects. However, it is still crucial that you talk with your doctor to be enlightened about your specific health needs.

Top 3 best red wine to lower cholesterol



Product Name: Red Pinot Noir (Vintner's Reserve) Wine Kit

Product Description: It may come as a surprise that one specific grape has claimed the top spot of healthiest wine. The best red wine to lower cholesterol is Pinot noir. Although every red wine is generally considered healthier than whites, this best red wine to lower cholesterol is first-rate. The reason for this is Pinot noir contains the highest levels of resveratrol compared to any wine grape. The reason for wine getting a healthy status is resveratrol in its compounds, which is an antioxidant that has been revealed as promoting heart health and minimizing bad cholesterol, and lowering blood pressure. What’s more, many studies have revealed that this best red wine to lower cholesterol can enhance brain health and insulin sensitivity, which can promote a longer lifespan. As another bonus, this best red wine to lower cholesterol is processed differently compared to other red wines, resulting in lower sugar content and fewer calories.


This best red wine to lower cholesterol is a drink with a very fruity yet spicy flavor. It is an elegant fruit-forward style that has a velvety flavor and has aromas of black and cherries. Aging this best red wine to lower cholesterol uncovers further complex tastes. 

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Runners Up

Craft a Brew Home Merlot Making Kit

Best Red Wine To Lower Cholesterol

Although Pinot noir is the top grape when it comes to lowering cholesterol, you might want other options. If you prefer Merlot’s best red wine to lower cholesterol, you are also fortunate. This best red wine to lower cholesterol is also found to have high amounts of resveratrol, so you still get heart health benefits. Resveratrol compound has also been revealed to slow down age related mental decline, which can be rooted to its anti-inflammatory properties. This is the same reason that it has further been associated with easing joint pain and even reducing cancer cells.

You don’t need to be an expert to create the perfect Merlot best red wine to lower cholesterol. This kit provides it all and has enough ingredients and supplies to create one gallon of exquisite delightful Merlot flavor.

Ingredients of these kits for the best red wine to lower cholesterol originated from the world-famous Maipo Valley in Chile. Merlot produced here enjoys a high reputation and has a soft and supple taste and intense fruit tea and spicy flavors.

With this kit, you can enjoy a recipe involving high-quality yeast additives and fruit juices sourced from one of the world’s most reputable vineyards. Enjoy the best red wine to lower cholesterol right in the comfort of your own home.

Winexpert Eclipse Lodi Ranch 11 Cabernet Sauvignon (with Grape Skins) Wine Ingredient Kit


In addition to Pinot noir and Merlot, the best red wine to lower cholesterol, Cabernet is also top-ranked in giving health benefits. It has notable levels of resveratrol and also keeps sugar levels low. If you want the wine you drink to leave you with a good feeling, go for a Cabernet instead of a Pinot. You will still have the guarantee that you are drinking for your health.

The flavors of oak and tannins, pepper, and spices are mixed to enhance the blackcurrant and cherry flavors. The rich, fruity, and complex taste will dazzle your mouth and senses from the first aroma to the refined finish. The sweetness of this best red wine to lower cholesterol is dry bodied and has full oak intensity. This best red wine to lower cholesterol wine ingredient kit is manufactured in Canada. 

One enthused reviewer has commended that they have made wine from this kit for the third time. They suggest that you should have a cellar for this wine and age it for three years. Everything is worth the wait, and the Cabernet turned out wonderful. 

Final thoughts

If you want to have an alcoholic drink, you might want to consider red wine. Reds have high levels of resveratrol, which is good for heart health. However, like all things in life, moderation is important. Since red wines still contain alcohol, drinking too much can tip the scale and cause it to have bad effects on your health. It is crucial to note that for men, the ideal amount of red wine is two glasses per day, and for women, one glass per day. Within these ranges, you can get the optimum benefits of red wine.

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